News from the District of Barriere

District council meeting of Sep 4 and Public Works meeting of Sep 17

District of Barriere Council Meeting of Sept. 4

The first order of business at the District of Barriere Council meeting on Sept. 4, was to hear from a delegation opposing the planned four-way stop at the corners of Barriere Town Road, Barkley Road and Salle Road.  Debbie Sabyan spoke on behalf of the group, of whom there were about a dozen present, and read the following statement.

“We, the citizens of Barriere and the financial supporters of the outer-lying areas, are opposed to the four way stop that is going to be put in between Barriere Town Road, Salle Road and Barkley Road.  The four way stop will be an inconvience and will also create more greenhouse gases.  There are a few hours of the day/week that the traffic is that busy, to propose that it is needed.  How many accidents to date have occurred at this location; already we can just imagine the increase in that number.  It is felt that the visibility and awareness of the signs will lead to vehicles just sailing through.  There will be congestion of vehicles stopped, and ones trying to get out of the Post Office.  People using the front Post Office parking and the Credit Union/Insurance Office front parking will be pulling out into traffic.  This community is filled with long term residents that have driven Barriere Town Road many times, and it will be tough to remember it’s there.  If this four way is necessary for the pedestrians, we think the white signs help, but it would be really good if the actual walk was painted to show a person where the walk is, or a raised crosswalk, or a big ‘x’, like down at the AG Foods crossing, to make it more visible to the drivers.  If it is congestion of getting onto Barriere Town Road, there are alternative routes off Barkley and Salle Roads; there is no reason to sit at the stop sign waiting to get onto Barriere Town Road.  If it is to keep the big trucks from going through town, they can use the alternative truck route via the Highway heading towards East Lake, all though we have businesses downtown that rely on truck delivery.  If it is for speeding, stop signs won’t do the trick, as they they should be all down Barriere Town Road; but the speed could be lowered and maybe monitored by our law enforcement officers.  Thank you for your time.”

The group also presented Council with a petition signed by 478 citizens, who also oppose the four way stop.

Council members passed the final adoption of the Bylaw Notice Adjudication Bylaw No. 95.  To view this bylaw, citizens can drop by the District office, or go online to the District website.

Council members passed a motion to accept the applications for 2013-2015 Permissive Tax Exemptions, with the request that staff prepare the necessary public notice and bylaws.

At the last council meeting, the status of the BMX Bike Track behind AG Foods was discussed, following a request from the Development Committee for ‘Council to release monies raised by the Barriere BMX group, if required, to help provide safety signage around the BMX course behind Mr. Lee’s property.” This discussion had been tabled to the next (this) meeting.   A motion was passed by Council to approve a trial lease situation with the owner of the property at 4510 Barriere Town Road for one year, and to reevaluate the BMX Bike Park at the end of that time or earlier if required.

A request for quotations (RFQ) was issued for the Septage Receiving Station to be built in Barriere some time ago.  Four proposal were received and have been reviewed by the District’s Engineer based on a number of criteria.  Council approved the recommendations from TRUE Consulting, and awarded the Septage Receiving Station contract to JWC Environmental, subject to discussions with an outcome satisfactory to the District, between JWC and UE regarding the programming/controller.

A letter was received by Council from Mrs. Ashley Salle, requesting support for expansion of the TNRD Fire Protection Boundary to include her residence.  After some discussion, Council moved to write a letter of support for this.

Several Councillors reported on their participation in the Fall Fair and Rodeo over the Labour Day weekend, on how well the entire event appeared to go, and their appreciation on how much community effort goes into this event every year.

Councillor Smith reported that the “Bull-A-Rama” will be coming to the Agriplex for New Year’s Eve this year.

Mayor Humphreys reminded everyone present about the upcoming Toy Run on Sept. 8, 11 a.m. at the AG Foods parking lot.  Also, that the North Thompson Valley Community Garden Club will be hosting a Pie and Ice-Cream Social on Sept. 8, from 1-4 p.m. at the Community Garden.

Al Kirkwood, publisher of the North Thompson Star/Journal, reported that, contrary to the rumours, the Star/Journal is not closing, they are just changing their publication date from Mondays to Thursdays.  The office is still open for business as usual, although the deadline for submissions of stories and ads has been moved up to Mondays at noon.

Stan Thompson asked if it would be possible to have a crosswalk put in near the Yellowhead Pioneer Residence.  CAO Colleen Hannigan replied that the staff will make note of the request, and will consider it for the future.

Michelle Thalhiemer asked if Council will be reconsidering the four way stop or if it will go ahead.  Mayor Humphreys replied that although nothing is set in stone, at this time the plans to put in the four way stop will go ahead.

The next District of Barriere Council meeting will be on Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

District of Barriere Public Works Committee Meeting of Sept. 10

Council members received an update on the overall Wastewater Project from Kim Rink and Dave Underwood at the Sept. 10 District of Barriere Public Works Committee meeting.

Rink spoke to the Eco-Tek Water Reclamation portion, on how it will look.  The idea will be to build the entire building to house all the phases, and equip the phase one section, leaving the phase two section to be completed at a later date, as further funding is received by the District.

Underwood spoke next, regarding the Septage Receiving facility, the Effluent Disposal System, the Collection System and the Treatment Plant.  The Septage Receiving facility will have the equipment delivered around February.  It will be built in three phases, which will give it more stability and efficiency.  The District intends to put this portion out to tender in the next week, to be awarded by mid October, and the facility built and ready for the equipment installation by the end of February.

The Effluent Disposal System site plan is currently being completed and should be ready by early October.  By mid October they will meet with the Ministry of Environment.

The Collection Systems digital pipe model is about 70 percent completed.  In the next few months the design drawings will also be completed, with the District expecting to be able to put it out to tender by February.

The Treatment Plant detailed design is being worked on and should be completed by the end of February.

In other business, Staff members reported that the Watermeter Project is nearly completed, with only one property not yet complying, and a few pit meters to be installed for a few other locations.

The District has receive paint for the multipurpose rink.  A workbee will be arranged in the next few weeks to get this done.

The next Public Works meeting will be on Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m.