Nomination papers now available at District office

As The Mayor Sees It With District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys

The election nomination packages are now available. The paper copies can be picked up at Barriere District offices located at The Ridge , 4936 Barriere Town Road. In Barriere you only need to have two residents eligible to vote in the District of Barriere to sign as your nominators. My advice is to have at least three or more people sign so that if there is a problem with some of the signatures you will still qualify.

More than a few residents have come forward expressing concerns around the new four year term of office. I have asked a number of currently elected officials around their experiences over the years. Most say that after three years you are just starting to feel fully engaged and like you may make some sort of difference in your community. In fact most that serve in small communities go on to serve for multiple terms so the position really can’t be that bad.

What do potential council members need to know to be effective? Think about this for a moment. You most likely elected a person to council because you trust their honesty, good judgment and ability to represent your wishes for your community.  The position has many varied responsibilities but it would be unreasonable to expect that an elected official would know such things as the ins and outs of such things as managing large construction projects. That falls to the expertise of staff. Council relies on the advice of the staff.

Now imagine if the unthinkable happens and a major project starts to go sideways. The residents in most cases will blame the council. I get that and so should anyone running for office. What is key to being an effective elected official is setting aside the blame game and finding the solution to the problem, whatever that solution may entail. Like in business the solution may not be pleasant. Should the situation happen that hard decisions are required council needs to make those decisions based on the sustainability and good of the community.

Since 1950 the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo has had either a Queen Pageant or an Ambassador program. The Ambassador committee was kind enough to invite me to attend the 2014 North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Ambassador Coronation and say a few words so on Friday, August 22, I was at the Barriere Lions Hall. I had a chance to speak to the 2013/2014 Ambassadors prior to the start of the event and they all said the experience was one that they will not forget. I want to thank Ambassador Jenna Zietsov, and Vice-Ambassadors Cherie Witts and Kendall MacKay for all the work they have done promoting the Ambassador program and the North Thompson Valley over the past year.

This year Ambassador Jillian McInnes and Vice Ambassadors Lee Dionne and Annie Butcher will be taking on the duties of their positions and traveling the province and area supporting various events. I wish them well in their endeavors and I am fairly certain that they will find the experience interesting.

Saturday August 23rd was the date for the Legion Golf tournament. My wife Rosie and I were very pleased to be paired with Chinook Cove golf club members Ken and Betty Foote for the tournament. I don’t golf worth a darn but both Ken and Betty were very encouraging. With their able assistance on the course and Rosie’s sage advice around the etiquette and protocol of the game I managed to not create total havoc. Right after the round Betty presented Rosie and I with a jar of her sure to be prize winning honey. We were guaranteed winners already.

The Barriere Legion put on a great dinner after the golf, and everyone in the tournament went home with a prize of some sort.

I want to say thanks to the tournament sponsors, the participants and particularly to Legion President Al Fortin and his team for arranging a most pleasant afternoon.

Events like this bring our community together and help support a number of worthy causes.

The 65th North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo is this weekend. Come on out and be a part of the fun.