Nominations received for 2015 Citizen of the Year

The 2015 Barriere Citizen of the Year has garnered three nominations

The 2015 Barriere Citizen of the Year has garnered three nominations with the names of five area residents deemed more than worthy of this recognition.  These nominations will now be turned over to five area service organizations to be voted on by their directors or membership.  The results of that vote will be announced in our Feb. 18, issue.  The North Thompson Star/Journal annually sponsors the Barriere Citizen of the Year Award and we are honoured to introduce to our readers the nominees for 2015.

The Feller Family

(D’Arcy, Glenda, Hannah)

The nomination received for the Feller Family was signed “School, Community, 4-H Members, and Friends” with 18 signatures.

They wrote, “It is with appreciation and gratitude that we are able to write this letter to nominate the Feller Family for Barriere’s Citizen of the Year. Over the past 13 years, we have worked with D’Arcy, Glenda and Hannah in a variety of clubs, activities and school events and their dedication to the youth of our town have been integral in all aspects. Below are only some of the events, activities and teams that this family has taken on over the years.

D’Arcy –

* Coached minor ball

* Parent volunteer for over eight years in 4-H

* Went to Provincial Winter Fair committee meetings

* Countless hours of organizing and working at the Agriplex …  carpentry, plumbing

* Fall Fair volunteer

* Housed swim lessons in Barriere

* Drove many kids to baseball, basketball, volleyball, and 4-H events for over 10 years

* Opened their house up to numerous 4H events over the years

* Opened their house to a whole senior girls basketball team from Northern B.C.  so they could afford to come to Barriere for a basketball tourney

Glenda  –

* Coached minor ball for several years

* Yellowhead 4-H Sheep Leader for several years

* Yellowhead 4-H A-leader

* Barriere Elementary PAC for eight years

* Fundraiser organizer (magazine drives, Purdy’s, flowers, plants, bottle drives, bake sales, concessions, weddings and banquet caterer, car washes, flea markets, etc!)

* Family Fund Nights – Head organizer for Elementary school

* Fun Days at the elementary school year end

* Barriere High school PAC for five years

* Grad Committee President 2016

* Driver and chaperone at countless games and tournaments in various sports over the past 10 years

Hannah –

* 4-H member (endless hours of service to our community)

* Community firewood gathering for Lions Club for seniors

* Volunteer for set up at Fall Fair and PWF every year for the past five years

* Big Buddy Volunteer at Barriere Elementary

* Volunteered BES track meets

* Volunteered at BES Fun Day

* Fundraiser extraordinaire ( see Glenda’s extended list)

* School Leadership

* Referee at volleyball and basketball games at Barriere Elementary

* Score keeper at high school events

* Recognized by Rotary for outstanding citizenship in her community

“Over the past decade, the Feller family has gone above and beyond to help the youth in our community and have worked together to make Barriere a better place to live. They are humble, and in the past have not wanted any acknowledgment for their dedication and generosity of their time.  Many youths from our community have benefited from all the time that this family has devoted and their efforts should not go unnoted.  We are certain their worthiness of this recognition is incontestable.”

Doreen Landry

Marnie Pfeifer sent in this nomination. She wrote, “I would like to nominate my friend Doreen Landry as Citizen of the Year.  Not only is she a fabulous friend who would do anything for you, she has quietly been very generous to her community.

“Doreen works at Sam’s Pizza and Rib House five days per week. She then has to grocery shop for Sam’s, leaving her only one day off per week.  With that one day off, she has raised significant amounts of money for the Fall Fair and Rodeo, the Barriere Food Bank and the Barriere Lions Club.  She sends home soup to some of her customers when she knows that they are feeling under the weather.  She has supplied food at no charge to the school for their free lunch program.  As well, Doreen is the Sunshine Lady for the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association.  She donates to help local animals in distress or to rescues.  I cannot say enough about what a kind and generous spirit Doreen is.  Always a smile – she only swears when golfing!”

Deb Young

Al Kirkwood and Darrin Underhill submitted this nomination.  They wrote, “Deb Young makes our community better.

“She is instrumental in raising funds for the youth in Barriere, and has been a huge part of the 911 Golf Tournament.  Deb is one of our local BC Ambulance paramedics.  She also volunteers with the Barriere Grad Committee and the annual  Barriere Youth Bike Rodeo.  Deb has been instrumental in making Barriere a safe and stable place for our youth to be raised in.”