North Thompson Volunteer Centre invites area volunteers to drop by

Coffee and goodies at North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre the week of Apr. 13

The North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre (NTVIC) is inviting all area volunteers to stop by our office during Canada National Volunteer Week starting April 13.

We are celebrating all the fine work that is done in our community, and recognizing everyone’s efforts big and small – because every little bit helps to build a better community.

We will have the coffee and goodies ready, so come in and share your stories, sign up as a volunteer, or see what our Centre can do to help your club or group.  Everyone is welcome.

The office at the Ridge (4936 Barriere Town Road) is open 9 a.m. -1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, so please come down and have a coffee, visit and share some ideas.

We are always in need of volunteers, and we may have the right job for you.  You only need to commit to what you have time to do.

Here at the Centre we are finding the landscape of volunteer commitment is changing.  Volunteers are harder and harder to recruit because of time commitments and busy lifestyles. It is not that people aren’t volunteering, it is that they just don’t have as much time to offer, so more volunteers are always welcome and needed.

We are very fortunate and grateful to have as many hard working volunteers in the North Thompson as we do. These volunteers, as well as helping in their neighborhoods and at events, develop and keep programs running that allow people to stay here instead of travelling out of town.

Please remember when you see a volunteer in action to say “thank you”, this week and all through the year.  You will find them all around you at every event and program you attend.

As quoted from Volunteer Canada, “National Volunteer Week 2015 spotlights the ripple effect of every voluntary action taken.  The impact of volunteering goes well beyond the hours given, the values shared or the skill contributed.  It can be found in smiles exchanged, bold new directions taken by agencies, revitalized neighborhoods, and major shifts in public attitudes.”

The theme of National Volunteer Week, “Volunteers are part of the ripple effect” has many dimensions, and we urge everyone to contribute by making your own ripple.

You can contact the North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre by calling 250-672-0033.

For more information about volunteerism in Canada, go to: