NTFFRA Royalty Report from the Queen Alexandra


Miss North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Queen Alexandra Brown poses with Miss Canada International 2012 Anna Dell

Miss North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Queen Alexandra Brown poses with Miss Canada International 2012 Anna Dell

Hello to all of the wonderful Star/Journal readers. I have once again embarked on a journey that will be one I will never forget!

I received the honour of travelling to the warm welcoming city of Quesnel for the self-development pageant. It was once again a great weekend.

My journey began Friday, June 15, when I and my family started the trip. We left early in the morning so we could make it to our campground at a decent time where the McDermott family was already waiting for us.

During this trip we did have a little difficulty with our truck but we got it all figured out when we arrived at 100 Mile. The rest of the way was as smooth as glass.

Upon arriving we set up camp and got ready for our first activity which was a tour at the Quesnel Museum. When we got to the museum we were split into groups and did the hardest scavenger hunt the museum has to offer. Unfortunately my team of Dylan Phillips (Lytton Ambassador), Cassie Brown (Miss Jims Food Markets), and myself got fifth place. What made this even worse is that we were beat by the other team that was with us at our campground. It was a devastating loss but we finally got over it and said that we were the better looking team!

During this amazing tour we also got to see the haunted doll by the name of Mandy.

After the tour Wendy and I had to go back to the campground and get ready for the coronation evening for the Miss Quesnel Self-Development Pageant. We saw three talents that evening as well as three speeches, and we could tell that all of the candidates worked really hard and it sure showed that night.

A big congratulation to the winners, I can`t wait to get to know you. After that evening we headed on down to our campsite which shortly followed by heading to bed because the next morning we got to go to town and be in the Billy Barker Day’s parade.

This was fun because I brought my twin sister with me who is a candidate in our pageant this year and we sat in the back of a blue Chevrolet and waved to all the kind people in Quesnel. We also got a show when six men in the crowed presented us with the well-known dance from the goonies, the Truffle Shuffle.

Following the parade we had lunch in the park and did our community greeting on the stage.

There were lots of people there to support the new royalty and to hear some good music following our introductions.

After that I was given the honour of going on an amusement ride that was at the midway with the Kamloops royalty. It was called the Zipper. It was so scary; I can honestly say I didn’t stop screaming.

After that my family and I went for a trip to Barkerville. It was my first time being there and I was so amazed! It was so beautiful and I loved all of the history that is in such a small place, and I returned with a moose stuffy from there. Coincidently I named him Barker Moose.

That night we were supposed to head down to the dinner but sadly were not told that there was a change and could not find where the dinner actually was. Instead we headed down to the midway to listen to the blues and play on the midway.

It was a great night for all and I have had one of the best weekends ever.

Thanks for taking the time to once again read about one of my great experiences!

Untill next time, have a great summer.

Miss North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Queen Alexandra Brown