Our royalty reports from Peachland

North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Royalty Report

To all the citizens in the North Thompson Valley we are bringing to you our first write up as your royalty. We were very proud to represent you this pervious weekend, Sept. 16, 17 and 18 in the beautiful community of Peachland. Our journey began Friday afternoon when we set off on our first adventure.  When we arrived in Peachland, we were able  to watch the candidates speech and talent night as well as their fashion show. We were very proud of all the candidate’s speeches. Their creativity was amazing and they all did a wonderful job of keeping the audience interested and entertained. Our highlight of the speeches would have to be when Allison Wardle came out in a fireman’s outfit to represent her sponsor Peachland Fire and Rescue. The candidate’s talents were amazing. We couldn’t believe how diverse and creative they were they unleashed their true personalities. After a short intermission the candidates put on a fun filled fashion show. The themes were both creative and entertaining the first theme was occupational followed by a Pac-Man theme, they then dazzled us with their 70s theme and to end of the night western wear.

The next day was a fun filled day full of educational activities and fun competitions. We started the day with breakfast after which we went up to Parrot Island Sanctuary. A place for rescued parrots to go when they need a home. It was an amazing experience. We learned so much about them and how many species there are. We couldn’t believe how much love there was between the parrots and the owner. We got to hear so many funny stories and memories they have made together.  Next on our agenda was a scavenger hunt where everyone was numbered off and given a list of everything you needed to find from paper clips to colourful rocks. Non other than your Queen Hannah won first place followed by Princess Tianna and than last but not least Princess Cassandra.  After the scavenger hunt we all headed back to the community center. Our last activity for the day was a dress making competition. Our team consisted of 8 people. Every group was given some tissue paper and tape. Our goal was to create an evening gown. While all the other gowns were creative it was in the best interest that our gown wins. After our final activity we were given a short amount of time to go and get ready for the coronation.  We had such an amazing dinner full of turkey and stuffing, it felt like Christmas came early! After dinner we were them able to capture some pictures on the doc of the beautiful lake. Once we found our seats the night began. They started us off with their Arabian theme dance which was absolutely amazing! They all did so well and kept all of the audience entertained.  The candidates than finished off their judging with evening wear and impromptu questions. All of them looked so amazing and presented themselves well.  At this point we got to do our first community greeting.  We than took a short break while the judges tallied up their scores. Before the well anticipated crowning we watched the candidates receive multiple awards ranging from talent awards to community involvement. The Crowning than began with Miss Congeniality won by Sheagh Sarsons. They than crowned the new Peachland Vice ambassador Allison Wardle. Followed by the crowning of Raphaela Russo, Miss Peachland Ambassador. We were pleasured to have watched the girls get crowned and look forward to going through this adventure with them.  To Anya and Ashleigh, you both represented Peachland proud and will be dearly missed. Good Luck on your future endeavours. Our night finished of with the traditional royalty dance, as always it was a blast. We would like to thank our host for the weekend Pam Anger. Your hospitality is so appreciated and we can’t say thank you enough. We would also like to take this time to say how honoured and proud we are to be representing this beautiful valley and look forward to representing you in future pageants and events.


Miss NTFFR Queen Hannah Allen

Miss NTFFR Princesses Tianna Weinger and Cassandra Brown