Paradise for rescue ponies in NT Valley

My Little Pony Horse Rescue is a special place in the North Thompson Valley

(Left)  My Little Pony Horse Rescue founder and operator Kyra Blackburn

(Left) My Little Pony Horse Rescue founder and operator Kyra Blackburn

My Little Pony Horse Rescue is a special place in the North Thompson Valley where the smallest of the equine world are quite literally in “pony paradise”.

Located just off Highway 5, the rescue is situated on a little “piece of heaven” in Louis Creek.  It’s here that a young mom strives to provide a loving, friendly, and healthy environment, not just for her own family, but for miniature horses as well.

Kyra Blackburn is the driving force behind the rescue. She is the founder and hands-on operator of this unique facility for little horses.

“I was born and raised in this small town, and after moving away for a few years have found myself back to raise my own family here on a nice little piece of heaven on Agate Bay Road,” tells Kyra, “I have always had horses, and have a huge passion for them. For the past three years I have been helping and rescuing horses and miniatures on my own.

“It was in October of 2013 when I read an ad in the Kelowna paper offering three miniature horses free to a good home. I phoned and spoke with the man and went out the next day to pick them up. These three minis were in absolute dire condition, they had feet that looked like elf shoes, they were full of worms and underweight.”

Unfortunately, one mini was too far gone to help and she was humanely put down. After months of getting the other two back to a healthy state Kyra decided to keep one as a mascot for the rescue; a little white mare named Bunny. The third one was adopted to Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, where she still resides as their mascot.

Kyra says at this point she realized that there were so many other minis that needed her help, and that she would love nothing more then to do that, which resulted in starting up the rescue.

“At one point I took in larger horses,” said Kyra, “But I soon found it was too much to take on, and had to make the hard decision to stick with miniature horses only.”

Kyra says that since October of 2013 she has successfully taken in 38 animals, which included five large horses, three donkeys and 30 miniature horses.   Out of those 38 animals the rescue has rehabbed and adopted out the five horses, the three donkeys, and 20 of the miniature horses. Currently they have 10 beautiful miniature horses that still reside at the rescue and are awaiting for a family to come along and adopt them as well.

“I try and do things the best I can out here, and am always open to suggestion or help,” says Kyra, “My goal with the rescue is to provide some health and happiness to ponies that no longer have a place to call their forever home, and of course to find that forever home for them.”

Kyra also tells that in order to cut overhead costs she attended a course with the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care and became a certified barefoot farrier.  This has saved the rescue a lot of money in farrier costs as she now does all the hoof trims herself.

Whether the pony is a surrender or an abandoned animal, or even just there to be re-homed, they all enter an equine rehabilitation program and stay at the rescue until each one has completed and graduated from the program before available for adoption to a new family.

Kyra runs the rescue on her own, with the help of a few volunteers who stop by to help with mucking out the pens and brushing out the minis.

She is also quick to point out that the support she has received along this journey with the horses and ponies has made it all possible.  Veterinarians, those who donate hay, the people who donate their time, the ones who donate dollars, and those that help spread the word and participate in rescue fundraisers.

“They are all amazing,” says Kyra, “Running this rescue has been a huge eye opener for me as to what some animals have to encounter and at the end of the day after all the hard work is done, everything pays off watching these horses and ponies light up somebody’s world, watching them find their new families and helping them get there. Thank you to everybody that has brought the rescue this far, it couldn’t have been done without you.”

Asked what the future holds for the program, Kyra says she she’s the continuation of helping ponies in need of love and care.

“I really love my job,” says rescue founder Kyra Blackburn.

My Little Pony Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization.  They do not go out actively seeking donations, but do greatly appreciate them. The standard adoption fee for a mini is $400, and all minis come with a vet check, current inoculations and farrier care. Applicants must be able to offer a loving suitable home that is willing to provide for the ponies and offer them a great life.

If you are interested in adoption or volunteering, contact Kyra Blackburn by calling 250-299-4040, or email:, or find/follow on Facebook by typing in “My Little Pony Horse Rescue” in the search bar.

Please remember that My Little Pony Horse Rescue is open to visitors by appointment only.