Let’s all step it up and call a senior, a friend, a relative – let’s get chatting! (Photo submitted L.Lodge))

Let’s all step it up and call a senior, a friend, a relative – let’s get chatting! (Photo submitted L.Lodge))

Call a senior, Call a friend – make a difference

Seniors, and those who live alone may be struggling due to social isolation – you can help

“Call a senior, call a friend” is the message being shared today throughout the rural community of Barriere, B.C., in fact they believe so strongly in this message that they are challenging the rest of Canada to do the same!

The “Call a senior, call a friend” message was launched as a result of a number of community organization representatives who participated in a North Thompson Communities Foundation virtual round table discussion Dec. 8, in regards to how COVID-19 had impacted community programs and services. Participants included; District of Barriere, Barriere and Area Chamber of Commerce, North Thompson Communities Foundation, Yellowhead Community Services, Barriere and District Seniors Society, a Barriere Secondary School student, and a representative from RBC.

A number of items were covered, including how the community was managing in handling day to day operations during a pandemic, as well as discussing the strain on area organizations and residents due to the numerous programs and events that have been cancelled or put on hold since March of last year.

The question of how to help area seniors and those who live alone and may be struggling during this time of social isolation was actively discussed by the group. Although society now lives in an age of social media, computers and virtual interaction it is easy to forget that not everyone has the funds, the internet connection, or the knowledge to utilize this new form of staying in touch with others.

It was unanimously agreed to proactively address this need by reaching out to those who are feeling isolated during this time. This will be done by actively encouraging area residents to reach out to those who are missing human interaction, and to do this in a way that everyone can participate in from the comfort of their own home – by picking up the telephone and chatting for awhile.

The energy behind this project has taken wings. So much so that Barriere has now challenged other communities across Canada to “Phone a senior – phone a friend”.

As the holiday season approaches now is the perfect time to embrace this challenge, a time to act and to help make a difference!

Pick up your phone and dial a senior, a friend, someone who lives alone, or someone who is isolated from human interaction. You won’t have to look far, our communities have many folks who would love to hear that someone cares enough to give them a call, to take the time to chat, to let them know they are not alone.

Let’s all step it up and call a senior, a friend, a relative – let’s get chatting!

In Barriere there are some prizes being offered over the next few weeks for those who pick up and call. There will be draws for $50 in cash for those who call, and for those you called. Organizers say that confidentiality will be respected.

To find out more check out: www.facebook.com/barrierecalls or go to Facebook: Barriere Matters

You can also email: barrierecalls@gmail.com

Let’s all come together to ensure everyone feels the love during this difficult time – it’s time you made that call!