Police seize one pound of marijuana

Police seized a pound of marijuana bud from a Surrey resident during a road check held on April 20. Several officers were involved in the check on Highways 5 and 24 in Little Fort.

An officer was checking a van being driven by a 48-year-old male when a mild odor of marijuana was noted. Other indicators also indicated that the subject was involved in illegal activity and the officer entered into an investigation under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

The driver was arrested and a search conducted. Two, half-pound bags of marijuana bud were located in the rear of the van in a canvas bag, and as a result he driver now faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and was released with an order to appear at court in Clearwater in July.

Officers also noted the driver had been consuming alcohol and requested a breath sample. The driver blew a “Warn”. This meant he was not over the legal limit under the Criminal Code but was served an Immediate Roadside Prohibition for three days under the Motor Vehicle Act.