Police track down stolen scooter for Barriere senior

80-year-old man’s electric scooter stolen from outside senior's residence

On Monday morning Barriere residents were notified that one of the community’s senior residents living in the Yellowhead Pioneer Residence had been a victim of theft.

The 80-year-old man’s electric scooter was stolen from outside the building Sunday evening.

After word of the theft started to circulate, Sandra Mary Eustache posted on the Star/Journal Facebook page,  “I was up visiting my mom at the Yellowhead Pioneer Residence this weekend. Sad to say that I was awoken by my moms dog, to find there was someone outside her place trying to steal her motorized scooter. I scared him off when I approached the door, so I thought? Low and behold the scoundrel went around the building checked out other scooters and then sped off in one around the other side of the building. By the time the police came he was gone… This cannot be happening to our elders, I am appalled someone would slouch this low and do this!”

It was reported on Tuesday that police had found the stolen scooter and it had been returned to the owner. However, the perpetrator of the theft has not yet been apprehended.