Potatoes, turnips, baled hay, grains, and carved pumkins!

Start Getting Ready For The 2013 North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo

For those of you who grow grains, grasses, and hay, check out section three in the Fall Fair catalog.  This is where you will find the right categories to enter samples of your crop.

There are categories for all sorts of grains and grasses: alfalfa, clover, orchard grass, reed canary grass, brome grass, and something called Timothy.

If you aren’t familiar with some of these crops go to the web and  Google ‘Timothy grass’.  You’ll learn that it is, “an abundant perennial grass native to most of Europe, except the Mediterranean region.  It is also known as meadow cat’s-tail and common cat’s tail.”  According to Wikipedia, it was named after Timothy Hanson, a U.S. farmer and agriculturalist who promoted its use in the souther states in the early 18th Century.  It has since become a major source of hay and cattle fodder, and is a staple food for domestic rabbits and guinea pigs.

This section of the Fall Fair is also where you can enter your different types of potatoes, as well as turnips, and alfalfa and hay bundles.

You’ll start to think about Halloween when you consider that lovely pumpkin you’ve been thinking of entering?  Why not carve it up into a Jack-O-Lantern entry instead?  You’ll find the category under this section – division B, category three.

For a complete list of categories, pick up your copy of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Catalog at the Star/Journal, or at the Fall Fair office in the Barriere IDA mall, where you can also drop off your completed entry forms.