Public Works tackles water conservation


The District of Barriere Public Works committee held a meeting on June 14 to discuss several important items.

First on the agenda was the Water Conservation Plan (WCP).  A WCP can be as simple as a small document outlining the very basics of water conservation, or as complicated as a 100 page document prepared by a consulting firm.  The committee members discussed how to tackle preparing such a plan for the District, and came to the decision that the first thing to do would be to form a separate committee which would include councillors, members of the Well Head Protection committee, as well as interested members from the public.  An ad will be placed in the Star/Journal requesting that those interested in being on this committee contact the District Office.

There was some discussion about residential road load restrictions.  The main concerns are restricted visibility when large vehicles are parked along the road, and parking overnight. Staff members reported that neighbouring communities do have bylaws for this, but each are different and tailored to what each community requires.  The committee instructed staff to draft a bylaw to bring to the next meeting for further discussion.

Councillor Stamer left the room to avoid a conflict of interest while the committee discussed paving requirements for Gilbert Drive.  The road has been tested in several spots, with the conclusion that the base is in pretty good shape and will only need a little bit of work to get it ready for paving.  The owners of the properties next to the road would do the paving and maintenance for one year, after which the District would take over the maintenance.

The District is trying to implement a Solid Waste and Recycling Program for the commercial businesses in the community.  Letters have been sent to all the businesses that have the commercial dumpsters asking if they are interested in taking part in such a program, with no responses to date.  Council members and staff will speak to each of these business in the next few weeks, and staff will also look into the cost of bins for paper and pop-cans.

There is a possibility that the District may be able to get the milled asphalt from Dawson’s McLure job.  If acquired, this would be used to pave the lane that goes past the Senior’s Hall and the Bandshell.

The next meeting of this committee will be at the call of the Chair.