Rare water tower replica to be built in Louis Creek

for info on Louis Creek water tower, contact Carson Stone via email at stone4info@gmail.com

The water tower (built around 1913) that supplied the steam locomotives situated in Louis Creek, was one of only two that existed along this area.  There will be a meeting on Sept. 23, at the Barriere Legion basement, starting at 7 p.m., to discuss having a replica of this water tower reconstructed in Louis Creek as a heritage site.

“There is a tremendous amount of coordination involved to make this a reality,” stated Louis Creek resident Carson Stone, “but that does not deter my willingness to see it happen. This community deserves to have such a monument, and with that in mind I believe the naming of the tower should be along the lines of the Louis Creek Legacy Tower.”

There could be an interpretive sign as well to show the history of Louis Creek. This will all be discussed at the meeting, along with some other promotional ideas.  There is no charge to attend the meeting; for more information, contact Carson Stone via email at stone4info@gmail.com, or come to the meeting.  This will be an “informal” meeting, just to have a chat and share some ideas and suggestions. If anyone has any pictures or written material concerning Louis Creek and would like to share them, by all means bring them.