(Bob Payette photo)

Refit of Barriere Ridge playground starting to take place

In April, the Kamloops Thompson School District 73 removed the swings from the playground at the Barriere Ridge.

After some investigation by the District of Barriere (who is the leasee of the building from SD73) as to why the swings had been removed, the municipality were advised the swings were removed because of a maintenance deficiency in the fall protection (ground) which falls within the District of Barriere’s responsibility.

Investigation by the district resulted in clarifying that the new standard for school district playgrounds no longer accepts pea gravel on the ground under the swings, and that the new standard is wood fiber. As a result, all of the gravel has to be removed and replaced with 10 inches of wood fiber, plus a 10 inch cement border must be installed around the designated area.

Cost of the refit was estimated at $4000- $5000 and is the responsibility of the municipality.

As of Tuesday, May 24, workers were onsite at the Ridge getting started on the upgrades for the playground.