Remunerations for Barriere mayor and council reported

Councillors also received a report on the Solar Aquatics System construction

The District of Barriere council spent nearly two hours on Monday, Feb. 23, starting at 4 p.m., going over the draft of the 2016 Budget.  They will have another budget meeting on Mar. 7, 6 p.m., at which time they hope to be able to move its’ acceptance.

Then, at 7 p.m. they held their regular council meeting. As one of the first items on that agenda, they received a report on the remunerations to council for the past year.  From Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015:

Duties R.      Expenses       Total

Mike Fennell………. $6,725.40 $3,757.54 $10,482.94

Al Fortin……………. $6,725.40 $929.72 $7,655.12

Donna Kibble……… $6,725.40 $737.05 $7,462.45

Pat Paula……………. $6,725.40 $3,870.82 $10,596.22

Amanda Sabyan….. $6,725.40 $0 $6,725.40

Virginia Smith…….. $10,781.88 $2,542.90 $13,324.78

Ward Stamer……….. $6,725.40 $0 $6,725.40

Councillors also received a report on the Solar Aquatics System construction.  The entire aluminum frame of the greenhouse is now completed, and the catwalk frames and glazing should be completed by early next week.  The ventilation system will then be installed.

Much of the electrical systems should be in place soon, and the control system will be next in line for installation.

The mechanical contractor has given a schedule of up to five weeks to complete his various components.  And finally, the biomass boiler system is scheduled for around Mar. 15.

Mayor Smith reported she attended the Community consultant group meeting with Corporal Steve Mancini. Some points of interest: in 2015 the Barriere detachment had 1,799 calls, 284 of which were criminal in nature. The DARE program will run again and Constable Cory McGregor will lead it. The Bike Rodeo is being planned (date not confirmed at this time) and will be spearheaded by Constable Dave Ream. Currently the Barriere detachment is at full strength. The RCMP is still focusing on the three priorities; drugs, youth involvement, and traffic.  Corporal Mancini advised at the meeting that there have been a rash of break and enters of summer cabins which is taking a fair amount of the detachments time.

The Mayor also reported the TNRD board meeting of Feb. 18, confirmed Free Disposal Day for Barriere and area at the Louis Creek Eco Depot will be Sunday, Apr. 24.  This is one free load per household; which is defined as a maximum of one eight foot pick-up truck box, or one eight foot trailer. No business or commercial loads apply.

The Household Hazardous Waste Round Up is scheduled for the Louis Creek Eco Depot to take place from Apr. 1 through 30.

The next regular council meeting will be immediately after the budget meeting on Mar. 7.

There will also be a Bandshell committee meeting on Mar. 1, 3 p.m. in the district council room.