Report from new SD73 Trustee

Report from new School District No. 73 Trustee Rhonda Kershaw

Hello from the school board office.  It has been a very busy first few months as a new school trustee!  I have attended numerous training sessions, board meetings, PAC meetings and toured schools throughout my area.  I have enjoyed hearing from students, staff and parents on the interesting aspects of their school, as well as opinions on how things can be improved.

At the board table there are two policy amendments being considered in the next few weeks that may be of interest.  They are referred to as:

Policy 403.2 Technology: Student Acceptable Use – Consent Form/Videotaping – the current policy is being amended to include videotaping consent, in addition to the existing photography consent for students.

Policy 606.1 Alcohol and Other Drugs – the policy is being amended to guide the use of breathalyzer tests for students under the jurisdiction of the District.

For those wishing to view the policies they are accessible on the school district website as part of the public board agenda from Feb. 20, 2012.  These two policies were withdrawn at this meeting to provide an opportunity for further consultation.  I would welcome any comments or questions before they are brought back to the board for a decision in late March or early April.

There are many questions surrounding the current teacher job action.  Updates from the school district can be found on the website at under the heading “Job Action Updates”.   Current and archived information updates are available for students and parents to review.

I am available for questions or comments on both e-mail at: or by phone at 250-319-7328.  Please feel free to contact me for comments or questions.  I look forward to seeing you all in the schools.

Rhonda Kershaw


School District #73