Run for Terry Fox on Sept. 14

Currently The Terry Fox Foundation shows Barriere’s Terry Fox Run donation total (1989 to 2013) at $113,885.09

Kathy Cooper says an article that ran in the Barriere Bulletin on Sept. 10, 1980, on Terry Fox is one of her favourites.

“I love this article as it was written during the time Terry was running,” said Cooper, “Michael Gardner’s statement “May the courage and determination of Terry Fox inspire us all.  I, for one, pray that there will be a second chapter to this heartwarming saga….”, is truly profound.”

Cooper says it wasn’t quite the second chapter that Michael and the people of Canada had hoped for, “but as a participant and organizer I have to say it is ‘heartwarming’ to be a part of such a great inspiration.”

The first Terry Fox Run in Barriere took place on Sept. 23, 1981, and was attended by 80 people and raised $850.  Barriere’s first run was coordinated by Ann Genier (an area volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society at the time).

For the next 22 years the run was coordinated by Babes Shanko  (1985 to 2007).  Currently, from 2008 to present, Kathy Cooper, with Kris and Dylan Luison are the run coordinators.

“We had two really big donation years,” said Cooper, “In 2004 (the year after the fire) $8,963 was raised, and in 2010, the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope Run’s 30 year Anniversary), the Barriere Run raised $10,077.”

Last year Barriere raised $7,596 on the run.

Currently The Terry Fox Foundation shows Barriere’s Terry Fox Run donation total (1989 to 2013) at $113,885.09!

Barriere Schools have raised an additional total (1989 to 2013) of $16,054.63.

It is interesting to note that The Foundation doesn’t have the information posted for the period of 1981 to 1988 as the Foundation wasn’t created until 1989.

“The Star/Journal newspaper has always been a huge supporter of the Terry Fox Run,” said Cooper, “Thank you!”

The Barriere Terry Fox Run will take place on Sunday, Sept. 14, at the Barriere Bandshell.  Registration will start at 11 a.m.  Join in; you can run, walk, roller blade, ride a bike – everyone is welcome.

For more information about the run or to purchase a 2014 Terry Fox Run T-shirt call Kathy Cooper at 250-672-5758 or Kris Luison at 250-672-5929.