Save your Campbell’s labels or lids to help Barriere Elementary School

Campbell product labels or lids can be redeemed for educational resources

Save your Campbell’s labels or lids, and you will be helping Barriere Elementary School to get new sports equipment. Collection boxes supplied by Barriere AG Foods are now in place beside both lost and founds at the elementary school. Posters showing eligible items are up around town and online at After Jan. 1, 2017, the pencil symbol will be required on labels but until then, all products on the poster are worth points for the school. This includes Campbell’s, Habitant and V8 soups and drinks, Pace salsa, Prego sauce, and Goldfish crackers.

Campbell’s Labels for Education™ is a school support program whereby registered schools or institutions collect labels from Campbell product labels and redeem them for educational resources ranging from sports equipment and musical instruments to video equipment and computers.