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SD73 schools to benefit from Affordability Grant

The Student and Family Affordability Grant of $60M was allocated by the Ministry of Education and Child Care to all B.C. school districts (public, independent schools) to alleviate costs paid by parents such as school supplies, food, and extra-curricular field trips.

School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson) has been allocated $1,656,248 which can be used to improve students’ access to nutritional food/meals, before, during and after the school day by increasing nutritional opportunities throughout the day, providing students meal supports, and/or supports to dependent children in their families.

SD73 says they previously provided financial assistance to families through the Student Financial Assistance procedure.

“We have also supported schools with the CommunityLINK funding, which is annual funding provided to districts to support breakfast, lunch and snack programs, academic supports, counseling, youth workers, and after-scwhool programs,” states and SD73 report, “District staff are currently meeting with the District Parent Advisory Council, the Aboriginal Education Council, and Indigenous Family Voices for Education for their input and feedback on the plan, which will be shared at our next Regular Public Board Meeting.”

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