Seven nominated for 2014 Barriere Citizen of the Year

Nominees will now be voted on by pre-selected area service organizations

Barriere 2014 Citizen of the Year nominations have garnered seven candidate names who area residents have deemed worthy of this recognition.  These nominations will now be turned over to five area service organizations to be voted on by their directors or membership.  The results of that vote will be announced in our January 22, 2015 issue.

Bruce Clary

“My Choice for Barriere Citizen of the Year is Bruce Clary,” writes Lorraine Thorn.

Barriere’s pharmacist is always knowledgable and willing to take the time and conversations with people anytime we have questions,” writes Thorn, “He is always friendly and smiling, and much appreciated.”

Todd English

“My Choice for Citizen of the Year is:  Todd English,” writes Marlene Fortin.

“Here is what this person has done to make our community a better place to live:

“Todd has been a volunteer firefighter for 10 years. Which not only entails being available for calls and training, but to also be a presence in the community.  Be it Fire Prevention Week, Halloween Fire Works, Christmas Tree Light Up, etc.)

“He has also been a member of the Barriere Search and Rescue for 10 years, and is currently their vice-president.

“Todd does counseling, mainly with families, but sometimes with youth regarding drug and alcohol intervention.

“He is currently the Legion Chaplin, which means being available for not only Remembrance Day services, but also the Candlelight Service every spring.

“Immediately after the 2003 wildfires, Todd volunteered with the Salvation Army, which later turned into a paid position as Warehouse Manager/Volunteer Coordinator, until the needs were met and the warehouse closed.

“Todd is a huge part of our community, and he always has a smiling face when seen around town.”

Charlie Kibble

“Charlie Kibble is our choice  for Citizen of the Year 2014,” writes Thompson Valley Players, Beverly Murphy and Bernice Randrup.”

“Charlie is a behind the scenes kind of volunteer who doesn’t like a lot of fanfare, he simply likes to help out.

“Charlie can be found at almost every community event doing set up and supplying sound and lights,  and is usually the first one there and the last one to leave.

“We mainly know Charlie for his role in the Thompson Valley Players.  Charlie has been a director on the board for many years and has played a key role in keeping the junior division of Thompson Valley Players going, allowing these students to explore their drama skills.

“This year we were able to offer a summer camp for students because of people like Charlie. Anytime we are asked to assist in an event Charlie is the first one to volunteer and does what he has to make an event happen.

“Charlie also sits on the committees of many of these events.  He is a director on the board of The North Thompson Volunteer & Information Centre, and has recently taken on a position with the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Parade Committee.

“Charlie is a big part of Bandshell Friday’s in the summer months as well as Canada Day, and Labor day celebrations as well as all the Christmas events.  Charlie also does work at the Legion, the Fall Fair, and volunteers his time for school dances and fundraisers in our area.

“Charlie is always dreaming up new fundraiser ideas and takes great pride in the community he has grown up and raised his kids in.

“On behalf of the Thompson Valley Players, Beverly Murphy and Bernice Randrup believe Charlie is a worthy candidate and would just like to publicly thank Charlie for all his hard work and dedication.”

Charlie Kibble was also nominated by Judy Armstrong, who writes, “Charlie is always at every function in Barriere.  Supplying music, setting up and taking down; just willing to help out any way he can.”

Marnie and Gary Pfeifer

“It is my pleasure to nominate Gary and Marnie Pfeifer for Barriere 2014 Citizen of the Year,” writes Donna Kibble.

“Gary and Marnie work individually and together to make our town a better place to live.

“Gary is very active in the Barriere Lions and serves as their secretary. He is always ready to give a helping hand in the kitchen, selling tickets, helping with the book sale and anywhere else the group needs him. Marnie can be seen by his side giving support and helping with his many duties.

“Marnie herself is active with the Barriere Hospice. She is dedicated to helping people in our community and provides support and assistance to many.  She takes on clients and helps them faithfully on a weekly basis or as need be. She takes this job seriously and soon becomes a good friend to them. As with the other organizations this couple belong to, when something is needed like shelves for Hospice, Gary was quick to get them built. He can be seen helping Marnie at many of her undertakings.

“Both Gary and Marnie are active with the Barriere Curling Club.  They both help the Curling Club on a regulatr basis, including being a big assistance with the twice yearly Flea Markets.

“They are also both active members of the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo, with Gary sitting on the board as a director.  Marnie is right beside Gary at the fair, parking campers, painting tables or whatever. In 2014 Gary dedicated hundreds of hours on building the new crowsnest in the rodeo arena. They are always ready to help with repairs, manintenace and giving support to others and each other.

“Both these people have a huge heart and are very giving to the community. They never hesitate to offer a helping hand. They are a real assest to our community.

“Marnie and Gary are very deserving of this award. They not only belong to many organizations, but they work very hard for each organization.”

Audrey Rilcoe

Jane Milburn writes, “My Choice for Citizen of the Year is Audrey Rilcoe because she is a kind and giving person, and is always there to help out.

“Audrey goes about her day having fun with whoever she encounters along the way. She has made a difference in many lives.

“She has done ‘One on One Reading’ in the school for many years since she retired.  She has also judged for the science fair and heritage fairs at the schools.

“Hospice got a shot in the arm when Audrey joined in 2005.  She has helped many clients, taking them to doctor appointments in Kamloops, shopping here, and just being there for them.  She has been the secretary for our society for the past five years.  We count on Audrey to help out with the fundraising.  She always has a willing hand.

“For many years Audrey has worked very hard for the Barriere Curling Club.  She has held down executive positions, including pre≠sident.  She has cleaned and painted, and organized work bees.

“She phones to recruit volunteers to work in the concessions or help out at other fundraisers.  When others in the club phone to ask for help she is always willing if she is available.  At present she is in charge of the ‘Youth Curling’, and has helped with this program for a number of years.  Some days  she is there alone as her helpers have forgotten to come.

“You can always count on Audrey to be working at the local bonspiels.

“Audrey canvases  for the Canadian Cancer Society, both for their spring campaign and for breast cancer, and also for the Alzheimer Walk For Memories.  Anyone who has ever canvassed knows that it is essential but certainly not a fun job.

“Above all, Audrey is a great friend and neighbour – there for people when they need her;  taking them to town, cleaning out a shed, or sitting with them through a troubled time or tragedy.  She can lighten your day with her goofiness.

“I sincerely hope you find Audrey worthy of this award as I do believe she deserves it.”

Jerry Wenlock

Barriere Smoke Eaters have nominated Jerry Wenlock.

“Jerry Wenlock has been a volunteer firefighter for both Barriere and Chu Chua combined for 20 years, and was a firefighter during the 2003 wildfires.

“He has been a combined event coordinator for 10 years, and is well known as a 98FM radio contributor.

“Jerry is always willing to help people and the community whenever needed.”