Shortfall of $74,134 on the wastewater project in Barriere

Unexpected $142,650.00 paid due to archaeological find work stoppage related

Wastewater Project Budget Update: The grant application that was submitted in 2010 included an estimated budget that was based on a basic design and the prices of the day.  The tenders and cost of the work that has been completed to date are for the most part in excess of these estimates. In the case of the collection system, the scope of the project was pulled back to deal with the increased pricing once the detailed design estimates were established. When the tender was awarded for the collections, effluent and Septage Receiving Station the money allotted to the wastewater plant itself was capped at the amount remaining. The capital improvements made to affected roads and water infrastructure in the areas of excavation are not included in this budget.

The Septage Receiving Station budget was estimated at $1,170,000.00. To date the costs are at $1,179,572.77.  The only remaining anticipated cost is to purchase the required filter box for approximately $65,000.00, bringing the total anticipated cost of this component to $1,244,572.77.  The Septage Receiving Station project will be $74,572.77 over the 2010 estimated budget.

The Sewer Collection portion of our project had an anticipated 2010 budget of $2,477,000.00.  We are estimating the total owing to LNB is $95,000.00 and the total that will need to be spent on inspection and communications costs to be $18,000.00 for a total project cost of $2,517,709.13 – over budget by $40,709.13.

In our grant submission the Effluent Disposal costs were estimated at $440,000.00.  To date we have paid $270,000.02 and anticipate an additional $15,000.00 cost of Municipal Wastewater Regulations (MWR) documentation requirements for a total cost of $285,000.02 – under budget by $154,999.98.

The Solar Aquatics Wastewater Plant component of this project had an estimated grant application budget of $2,613,000.00.  This portion of the project saw a significant change to the hot water heating system approved after the project began.  $240,067.12 in solar-related costs were removed from Eco-Tek’s budget and directed towards the purchase of a biomass boiler system from Fink Machine at a cost of $218,540.00. In addition to the equipment supplied in the boiler contract, associated costs of $180,740.05 have been expended for a larger container that will house the boiler and the back-up genset for the plant, a chip storage building and the related concrete foundations and pads.  This change added just over $159,000.00 to the cost of the wastewater plant portion of the project.  This component of the project is currently over budget by $113,852.81.

To date the entire project plus anticipated costs total $6,774,137.73, compared to the 2010 estimated budget amount of $6,700.000.00 – an overall shortfall of $74,134.73. A very significant cost that was not anticipated is $142,650.00 that needed to be paid as a result of a work stoppage related to an archaeological find at the beginning of the winter season last year.

The Collection system was determined to be substantially complete on November 5. A one-year maintenance period is now in effect.  This will expire on November 5, 2016.  This means that any deficiencies that are discovered must be corrected by LNB up until November 5, 2016.

The lift station commissioning was successfully completed on November 5.  As of November 5 the lift station was set to function in “auto” mode based on water levels.  The system is functioning as intended.

The 10 per cent Builders Lien holdback will be released 55 days after substantial completion (December 30, 2015). TRUE will provide documentation to the District identifying when to release this holdback.

Final project quantities are being reviewed presently by LNB.  LNB will soon (last week of November) be providing documentation which identifies agreement with TRUE’s final quantities and stating that LNB will not be submitting any further claims for works completed under this project.  Once this documentation has been received, TRUE will issue the final progress draw to the District for payment.

A $12,000 deficiency holdback will be retained from LNB associated with two asphalt repair deficiencies on Yard Rd in front of the Station House.  LNB is attempting to schedule this repair this fall, however the weather window needed for paving may have passed for the season.  The $12,000 deficiency holdback will be retained by the District until such time as the asphalt repairs have been completed, which may be spring 2016.

Next steps: TRUE will finalize the record drawings and service cards for the project.  Also, there should be a general inspection completed in key manholes in spring 2016 as the groundwater table begins to rise.  We want to ensure that these remain watertight.  If the District begins to see infiltration of groundwater then LNB will have to come back to correct.

It was found during testing at the Septage Receiving Station (SRS) that a couple of the valves were incorrectly installed. This has been fixed. The generator was commissioned successfully on November 18.  The SRS facility can now function during a power outage.

ECO-TEK continues to work on completing the Solar Aquatics System (SAS) although weather is now again playing a major factor in its timely completion.