Solar Aquatics Wastewater Project in Barriere amended

District moves forward with plans to expedite project and hope will be finished this summer

We asked District of Barriere CAO Colleen Hannigan last Tuesday about the current status of the Wastewater Treatment project being constructed within the community.

“The council of the District of Barriere has agreed to amended contract terms with design builder Kim Rink of ECO-TEK, who has exhausted his sources of funding for the completion of the Solar Aquatics Wastewater project,” stated CAO Colleen Hannigan

“Council has approved the expenditure of up to $200,000 from the project’s holdback funds and from Gas Tax reserves to enable work to continue moving ahead so that we can be up and running by June. Funds for completion will be approved as required.”

Hannigan noted that a structural engineer has been engaged for a peer review,  and that Barriere resident Darcy Feller from Interior Plumbing and Heating is also currently reviewing the mechanical drawings in order to arrive at an accurate estimate of the cost to complete for that portion of the work.

“ECO-TEK has agreed to be part of the management team through to the completion of the project,” said Hannigan, “All the involved parties will focus their energies on the innovative outcome and the positive benefits this project will provide.”