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Speed limit reduction welcomed by municipal residents on Barriere Lakes Road

Residents living in the Barriere Lakes Road area within the municipal boundaries have been outspoken about the speed of vehicles on this stretch of road, and the dangers of trying to come out of a driveway with fast vehicles rounding a sharp corner, and their concerns about the safety of children waiting for school buses in the same area.

The speed limit on Barriere Lakes Road from the Barriere Town Road intersection to just past Leonie Creek Road, is 50km/hr, after that point, the speed limit increased to 80km/hr. The portion from this speed limit change until the municipal boundary just before the cattle guard contains three driveway access points and a sharp corner.

District of Barriere Roads Manager Chris Matthews, recently looked into the situation as the municipality’s scope of authority includes the ability to assign speed limits on arterial roads within its municipal boundary, provided that RCMP are consulted in the process. As a result of his investigations, at the Nov. 2, Regular Council Meeting Matthews recommended that the posted speed limit on the entire portion of Barriere Lakes Road that resides within the municipal boundary, be assigned as 50km/hr.

Matthews also reported RCMP had been consulted about the change, and that the local Detachment had no objection to the proposed speed adjustment.

After some discussion, Council came to the consenus that the 80km/hr speed limit past Leonie Creek Road be reduced from 80 km/hr to 60km/hr until the municipal boundary where it would then rise to 80km/hr, and the motion was approved.

This will move the 80km/hr speed limit change up to the boundary point. Subsequently, the speed limit would then be reduced coming down Barriere Lakes Road at the boundary point to 60km/hr.

Matthew says, “It is expected the speed limit change will take place as soon as the signs arrive, but the installation of the signage will be weather dependant.”