Splash pad plans changed

Barriere 100th Anniversary Committee held a meeting on Feb. 27, to discuss the Splash Pad

The Barriere 100th Anniversary Committee held a meeting on Feb. 27, to discuss the Splash Pad and the fact that they were denied the government Heritage grant they had applied for.

Those present were shown drawings of a scaled back version of the Splash Pad that had three sections to it.  Potentially, provided that the pump house was designed to handle all three sections, the actual pads could be installed in segments as funds allowed.  These drawings will now go for pricing out the components.  Once the prices have been compiled, there will be a meeting to discuss how much can initially be done.

Currently, the Splash Pad Fund (which has it’s own account) is sitting at $16,418.14.

It was agreed to recommend to the next District of Barriere council meeting that the Splash Pad be a separate committee from the 100th Anniversary Committee.  This would allow for greater focus on each of these projects for the volunteers involved.  Volunteers can sit on both committees if desired.  The drawings of the scaled back design will also be presented to council for their input.

The committee also discussed a suggestion put forth for the creation of a plaque/mural on one of the currently blank walls of the Bandshell.  The idea brought forward was for a design based on the District’s logo, big enough to cover a large portion of the wall.  The design would be cut into approximately 100-120 pieces of various sizes and then ‘purchased’ by individuals, groups and/or businesses, engraved with the name desired by the purchaser, and then mounted.  A drawing of what this would look like will also be brought to the District council meeting for their input and approval.  The committee felt that by selling the plaques this project would pay for itself.

The next meeting of the Barriere 100th Anniversary Committee will be at the call of the Chair.