Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest winners named

Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest winners named

Young authors produce reading enjoyment for all

The annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Essay Contest has been judged and the winners and honourable mentions named.

To all those creative youngsters who took the time to compose their own literary work in celebration of Christmas we say “thank you”. Your stories are wonderful and will provide our readers with much enjoyment.

We would also like to thank the parents and teachers who encouraged these youngsters in their essays.

This year our young writers were asked to tell us in 400 words or less about one of the following themes: 1) What would you do and why, if you were able to visit the North Pole?; 2) What is your favourite Christmas tradition and why?; 3) How did the Canada goose bring Christmas to the barnyard?

We offered two age divisions: Kindergarten to Grade 3, and Grade four to Grade 7. Prizes in each division are; First place $25, second place $15, and third place $10.

Our judge this year sent the following comments with her results; “I very much enjoyed officiating as the judge for the Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest for 2019. I am always impressed by the wonderful and creative imaginations of our youngsters, and how they can weave together a story filled with problem solving, wonder and the spirit of the season. I always feel that the essay contest is not just about spelling and punctuation, but also about imagination, creativity in solving problems, and most importantly helping the readers and the writers to understand the true spirit of Christmas, family traditions, what it means to help others and how important it is to be kind. There is great power in the written word, and I am so happy to see that our young story tellers are already able to tap into this energy and provide reading enjoyment for us all.”

*Editor’s note: Some spelling and punctuation corrections have been made to the attached Christmas stories for publication.

Division 1: Kindergarten to Grade 3


What I Would Do If I Went To The North Pole

By Josie Crosman (grade 3)

There once was a girl named Genevieve who planned on going to Ontario for Christmas.

Genevieve was laying in her bed. When she had a peek at the clock it was 8:30. She was going to be late for her flight!

Genevieve raced out of her bed, got in her car, and drove all the way to Kamloops.

When Genevieve got to the airport her plane was already taking off! She took out her phone to see if any other planes would be going to Ontario today. She found one on Elve’s Airline.

When Genevieve got onto the plane she noticed the people were small, dressed in green and red, with little hats on top of their heads. All of the little men stared at her as she entered the plane. And she also noticed that the pilot was a fat man in a red suit with a white long beard.

“Could these be Santa’s elves, and could the pilot be Santa?” Genevieve thought.

As Genevieve was about to unbuckle the plane started to move. As Genevieve looked at the beautiful landscape of the North Pole she thought, “What, this is the North Pole! It couldn’t be the North Pole! It says going to Ontario!”

And that’s when the plane stopped. She had no idea where to go. There was at least three feet of snow and there was nothing for miles.

Then Santa pulled out a pouch filled with glittery dust and sprinkled it on the white snow and then came a giant building. “Could this be Santa’s Toy Shop?” Genevieve said.

“Come take a look for yourself,” said Santa.

Genevieve walked into the building that was filled with a bunch more tiny elves. They were making toys, wrapping presents and putting them in Santa’s sleigh getting ready for tomorrow.

Santa took Genevieve for a grand tour around his toy factory. There were train tracks, toy dolls, everything a child would want. They also had trees with colourful leaves.

“That’s what they make wrapping paper out of,” said Santa, “Why Don’t You Stay the night?”

Soon the night came and Santa tucked Genevieve into bed. She closed her eyes, and then she opened her eyes. She was in her own bed. It was all just a dream.

And that’s what I would to do if I went to North Pole.


Division 4: Grade 4 to Grade 7


Once upon a time there was a Canadian Goose named Leroy

By Claireese Bourque (grade 4)

Barriere Elementary

Leroy the goose and his friends knew that it was getting cold outside on these December nights and were ready to fly to Arizona for the winter. The team of geese packed up their bags and headed off into the sky. Days went by of flying and Leroy found himself tired, he was flying over a river and noticed a comfy log to land on for a rest.

Once Leroy felt well rested he was ready to continue on his trip but was confused which way to go as his friends had left him behind. Leroy flew off into the sky to try and catch up to his friends, he flew for days and days but didn’t see any sight of them. Just as night was about to fall, up ahead Leroy saw a lit up sky, he flew towards the light and there before his eyes was a log cabin with lots of lights and a sign that read “The North Pole”.

Leroy looked around for a sign of anybody and he couldn’t believe what he saw, it was a large man dressed in Red and white, it was Santa Clause.

Leroy rushed over to Santa and told him he was looking for his friends who were headed to Arizona. Santa told Leroy he was very, very lost, and Arizona was the wrong way. It was too cold now and Leroy couldn’t possibly make it there before the freezing weather took over.

Leroy was sad and didn’t know what to do.

“I know,” said Santa, “You can help me. You can take Christmas to the barnyard way out on the country road.”

Santa told Leroy he forgot to get his flu shot this year and wasn’t feeling well, there was no way he could make it as far as the end of the country road. Leroy was happy to help Santa.

Santa is magic, so he was able to pack up all of Christmas into a tiny box for Leroy to carry. Santa tied a big bow around the box that Leroy could stick his head through and fly away with.

Leroy thanked Santa and started his journey to the farm at the end of the country road.

Leroy flew for days and days and came across the long dirt road. He followed it to the end where he finally found the farm. Leroy decided to try and take Christmas down the chimney just like Santa, but there was a problem, Leroy wasn’t magic like Santa and just couldn’t fit.

He looked around a bit more to try and find a way into the house, and just as he thought he was doomed there jumped the cat out of the cat door.

Leroy thought that was a great idea – the cat door. So off Leroy went to squeeze his way in. Poor Leroy didn’t have much luck, he managed to get his wings stuck on the way in and just couldn’t get in.

He started to panic and dropped the box full of Christmas. Christmas flew everywhere, it all popped out of the box landing all over the doorstep and front lawn. There were lights, and presents, there were chocolates, and stockings, there was even a Christmas tree.

Leroy tumbled out of the cat door and started picking up Christmas, but just then he saw a light turn on inside the house, the kids were awake. Leroy hurried to pick up Christmas as fast as he could and managed to hide it all inside the barn.

Just as Leroy finished he noticed the lights went back off and the children went back to sleep. Leroy was exhausted, and found a warm bale of hay in the barn to rest on for the night.

When morning came Leroy woke up to the rooster crowing and the sound of joy and cheer. He stumbled down from the loft to the sight of all of the little piggies squealing and dancing. Charlotte the spider, and Templeton the rat, and all of the other barnyard animals were jumping for joy, they couldn’t believe Santa remembered them.

Leroy peeked through the bales and watched them sing Joy to the World, they were just so happy that Santa made Christmas come to the barnyard this year.

The End.



A Farrow Family Christmas

By Curtis Farrow (Grade 7)

There are a couple of traditions our family follows. I am going to tell you just one.

This tradition is not opening presents until we are all awake.

If my Dad is working we wait until he his home, or get up super early and open them before he leaves for work.

The first thing that is opened is our stockings that Santa filled the night before. Then we open the present that Santa brought.

My mom hides something that we have to find (last year it was a missing piece from the nativity scene) whoever finds it first gets to open the first present. Then after that we go in birth order for the rest of the presents.

When we are done that, my G-pa and G-ma come over and give us presents. My G-pa is usually wearing an elf suit!

When we are done opening our presents it is already 9 a.m., my Dad starts to make eggs and hash browns. The best part of breakfast is the bacon, because we raise our own pigs. It is the best bacon out there.

I hope you enjoy your own family traditions.

Merry Christmas.



Two Amazing Canadian Geese

By Grace Farrow (Grade 5)

It was December 22, the Canadian geese were flying south. Canadian goose Charles woke up his family and friends. They got breakfast, the worms they ate were so good. Those worms got them going.

10 km south into their journey, Charles was at the start of the pack and he smelled something unusually good, like worms. He was trying to stay on the right trail to the south. Charles looked down and then started falling down. He really wanted to figure out what that smell was, but not this way.

He was headed right into a disgusting pig pen. Charles thought he smelled grain or ground worms,. He tried to fly forwards, but from dropping so fast he had wounded his wing. Suddenly, his friend Tay dove down under Charles. Tay was just about to have a BIRDATTACK, until he saved Charles.

They started hearing weird noises like “oink”, “moo moo”, and “cockadoodaldoo”. Charles told Tay that he thinks the animals are trying to tell him something.

Together they waved the other geese by and went to see if they had any birds of some sort. Both of them tried to make a chicken noise. Charles went “Prd Prd Prd”, Tay tried “Pek Pek Pek”. Worried, Tay started singing his national anthem, “O Canada” and as soon as he started roosters started clucking, cows started mooing and the pigs started running.

It worked! Tay was a genius.

They followed all the animals down into the barn where they were having a meeting about Christmas. All the animals were concerned that Christmas would not come.

The farmer had injured herself and could not hang her Christmas lights. Together the animals had to figure away to save the farmer’s Christmas. That’s when Charles said that Tay is the best flyer around, and Charles himself is a decorator.

The cows grabbed the lights, the pigs grabbed the pins. Everyone got to work. Tay flew the lights all over the barn and the house.

In the end it was the most decorated barnyard you have ever seen, thanks to two amazing Canadian geese.

Have a very merry Canadian Christmas!



How the Goose Saved Christmas

By: Taytem (grade 6)

Barriere Elementary, teacher Ashley MacDougall

On a clear cool Christmas Eve at the Grinch’s barnyard the Grinch was pacing back and forth. The Grinch did not want to celebrate Christmas but the animals at the barnyard did. He had to think of a way to convince the animals not to celebrate, not to hang stockings, not to have hot chocolate by the warm fire, not to put up a Christmas tree, not to have a Christmas feast.

But then he thought of something, he would sabotage Santa’s sleigh “yes that’s just what I’ll do” the Grinch thought, “The night Santa comes with his sleigh I’ll trap him when he comes to my barn.”

Back in the barn all the animals were having a Christmas Eve party at the party. There was the Grinch’s dog Max , three cows; Betsy, Loulou and Geroldean. There was also four pigs named Spots, Chocolate and Bacon, the sheep named Cotton and Niomi where there as well, and of course Jack the horse had to be there.

But there was one animal missing … it was Mr.Warren the goose! He was back at the house listening to the Grinch’s evil plans about how he wanted to sabotage Christmas! Mr. Warren had to tell everyone about the Grinch’s evil plan to ruin Christmas. So he ran to the barn as fast as he could and when he got there they all looked at him.

“Where have you been?” Loulou asked, and Mr.Warren said “Nevermind that, I overheard the Grinch say that he was going to trap Santa and ruin Christmas because he doesn’t want to celebrate, so he said so no one should.

None of the animals believed Mr.Warren, and they said he was just making things up. Mr.Warren thought at the back of his mind, “I’ll prove them wrong”. So he stormed off in a flurry.

It was about 11:59 when he got to the Grinch’s house. He hid on the roof and saw the trap was already set off, and foot and hoof prints everywhere, the sleigh was still there though.

Mr.Warren got off the roof and started searching everywhere for Santa and the reindeer.

Finally, after searching for about one-and-a-half hours he found Santa and the reindeer in a little clearing not far from the Grinch’s house.

Mr.Warren brought Santa and the reindeer back to their sleigh and they all had a great rest of their Christmas.



What I would do if I visited the North Pole

By Desmon (grade 6)

Barriere Elementary, teacher Ashley MacDougall

The first thing I would do when I go to the North Pole is to see Santa and see if he was real or not. If he was I would ask for a Lego set for Christmas, and if not I will be disappointed.

The second thing I would do is go snowmobiling with my Grandpa because I like to go snowmobiling and he does to.

The third thing I would do is have a snowball fight free for all of my Mom and Dad no; teams allowed in the snowball fight.

The fourth thing I would do is run with my dogs until we get tired, and then we would sleep in a shed if my Dad found one.

The fifth thing I would do is make a giant snowman as a guard to the castle that I will make.

Then I will make a snowman army, I will sleep in the snow castle, and then I will go snowmobiling in the morning again. Then I will take my dogs out for a run, build more snowmen, and then I will make the castle for my Mom and Dad and Grandpa.

When I’m done I can have free time outside, and I will make a snowman army for all of them, and then when I am done I will go back to my snow castle. Then I will attack my parents snow castles with a load of small balls and we will have a snowball fight, all of us free-for-all, no team is allowed. Then what we will do is rebuild our castles if someone destroyed them, and then when we are done rebuilding we will have another round of snowball fights. Then I will take my dogs out again, check on my cats, make sure they have food and water, and then the final thing I will do before I sleep in my castle for another night I will build more Snowman and grab icicles for their arms.

Then I will go to sleep, and in the morning I will take my dogs out, check my cat, and check on my parents to make sure they’re still alive. I will also make sure to go snowmobiling with my grandpa and then I am done.

I would go home for Christmas Eve, and then when Christmas night comes we will all open presents and see who it’s from, and then we will eat, and then we will check out and see how things we got work.

Later on we will go to sleep, and then in the morning we will do the same thing we do everyday until next Christmas.



How The Goose Brings Christmas To The Barnhouse

by Jacob (grade 6)

Barriere Elementary, teacher Ashley MacDougall

It’s Christmas Eve, the wind blows with the white soft snow and the Christmas goose named Gage is coming to the town of Barriere. Gage is the Christmas goose and his job is to bring joy to all the kids and grownups in the town.

But there’s one man that doesn’t like Christmas, he wishes it was never invented. He lives in a barn with his dog named Shiva and all of the farm animals. Gage will try to make Desmond like Christmas again.

Gage goes to the Desmond house, and he comes out of his house and scares Gage away from the house.

Gage was confused? Why does Desmond not like Christmas? Maybe he does not have the Christmas spirit?

Then he heard a noise, it was Santa Claus and his reindeer. They landed at Fadear Park. He was surprised to see Gage.

Gage told Santa Claus all about Desmond.

Santa was shocked to hear that Desmond did not like Christmas and he told Gage to take him to Desmond’s house.

Desmond came out of the house and Shiva came out as well when she saw Santa. She was shocked to see Santa. It was her dream to see Santa Claus. Desmond took Shiva back inside the house. She whined and whined, she was sad. He tied her up and went back outside.

Desmond told Santa and Gage he “hates Christmas”. And he got a gun and shot it up in the sky and said to leave him and his animals alone.

But Santa said that Shiva liked Christmas, but Desmond said he would make her not like it.

Santa and Gage left, they were puzzled. Why does Desmond not like Christmas?

Santa said he had to go nd deliver all the presents to all the kids.

All the farm animals came to Santa and Gage. They said to Gage that they would try to help.

Gage saw a beaver walking around, and Gage said to the beaver, “Can you help us?”.

The beaver chopped a good looking tree, and the horses moved the tree to the house and stood it up, and then Santa and Gage put the lights up and plugged it into the wall outlet. A chicken put the star up on the tree, and Santa put some presents under the tree.

Then Desmond came out of the house with Shiva. He was about to scare them away, but a white spirit came down and went inside Desmond, and then Desmond liked Christmas again.

When he opened the presents he got a banana and a new pair of slippers. Shiva got a new collar and a big bone.


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