Stop sign stolen again: District to install camera

Barriere Council members passed a motion for the purchase of a security camera

District of Barriere Council members got an update on several projects from Chief Administrative Officer, Colleen Hannigan, at the November 19 Council meeting.

Hannigan reported that while Argo had replaced the large stop sign that had been stolen from the corner of Barriere Lakes Road and Barriere Town Road, it has since been stolen again.  Before arrangements will be made to replace it this time, staff, with council’s permission, will purchase a camera to monitor the corner.  Council members passed a motion for the purchase of a security camera.

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) assisted with the preparation of the Constitution and Bylaws, a Business Plan, as well as preparation and submission of the application package for the two per cent MRDT* (municipal and regional district tax) for the Lower North Thompson Tourism Society (Barriere Chamber of Commerce).  TOTA has invoiced the Chamber $8,128 plus tax for these services.  The Chamber has offered to pay half from remaining North Thompson Economic Development Society money, and have asked that the District and Area ‘O’ split the other half of the costs.  Council members passed a motion to pay the District’s portion.

Discussions have begun with specific private property owners regarding acquisition of easements over their properties for the collection line of the Wastewater Collection System.  Negotiations on these matters will be discussed with council in closed sessions as required with the details being released to the public as the lands are secured.

The council sound system has finally arrived and has been installed.  A wireless microphone will service the delegation table and podium.  Small goosenecks will be added to the mic stands for improved reach.

The District  building inspector is currently working on drafting a building bylaw.

Mayor Humphreys read the following proclamation: “Whereas adoptive families in the District of Barriere provide children with the love and support of a permanent family, and whereas the District of Barriere wishes to recognize the care, compassion and unselfish commitment of adoptive families, and whereas there continues to be a need for adoptive families to nurture the growth and development of children, especially those with special needs because of physical, mental or emotional disabilities, now know ye that I, Mayor Humphreys do by these presents proclaim and declare that the month of November, 2012, shall be know as Adoption Awareness Month in the District of Barriere.”

Resident Barry Thorn had a few questions for council during the public inquiries portion of the meeting. Thorn’s first question was regarding recycling. He wanted to know what happens to materials collected for recycling?  Do they stay within Canada, or are they shipped elsewhere?  Council members replied that they believe they are dealt with in Port Coquitlam, but they will find out for sure and report back.

Thorn’s second question was regarding the large puddle at the corner of Barriere Town Road and Dixon Creek Road.  Staff replied that it, and other drainage issues, will be dealt with when the street is dug up for the Wastewater Treatment lines.

Thorn’s last question was in regards to the loss of the lab tech position at the Barriere Clinic.  Mayor Humphreys stated that council and staff are in dialogs with Interior Health regarding this issue.

The next meeting of the District of Barriere Council will be on Dec. 3, at 7 p.m.

*The MRDT is a tax of up to two per cent that registered operators of hotels, motels and other lodgings in certain areas of the province may be required to charge on the purchase price of taxable accommodation. The MRDT is intended to assist municipalities, regional districts and other eligible entities in promoting their tourism industry and financing new tourist facilities or programs.