Student news update from Barriere Secondary

One of the many opportunities the students at Barriere Secondary are participating in

From: Sami Jones (Gr.11 BSS Student)

From Oct.12 – 14, Sami Jones, Sheldon Vansickle, Grace Kempter, and Pam LeFeuvre attended the McQueen Lake Environmental Camp. We learned about all aspects of environmental science . There was a session on firefighting where it was explained how to use fire pumps and create fire guard; and a morning spent planting trees in a block just above where we were staying, it was quite the scene, twenty-six 16 to 17 year olds stomping around in four inches of snow, all with big smiles on their faces. We met with the Kamloops Search and Rescue and learned about everything from basic navigation to the K9 units. There was also a professor from TRU who talked about the different features of Isobel Lake and its many purposes. The weekend was cold but we had come prepared (maybe a bit over-prepared) with sweaters and warm boots. We all had a blast and thank Susan Bondar, Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Keech and Sam’s Pizza for this awesome opportunity.

From: Susan Bondar (Camp Coordinator)

School District #73 offers a Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp for grade 11 and 12 students. Barriere Secondary School had four students attend while the other 22 students came from the rest of the school district. The students were hosted for three days at SD #73 McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre. The Camp offers a ‘sampler’ of lessons that would give the students an idea of what a Post Secondary Education in Environmental Studies might contain. The lessons include: Sustainable Forest Management, Ecology and Silviculture, Interface Fire Management, Search and Rescue, Tree Planting and Harvesting, Aquatics, First Nations Culture and Career Planning. The lessons are taught by TRU Instructors, SD # 73 Employee, BC Timber Sales Personnel, Kamloops Search and Rescue volunteers and private industry employers.

From: Barriere Secondary

The Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp is coordinated by Susan Bondar, Forest Education Coordinator for SD #73. The Camp has been offered once, and sometimes twice a year, since 2004. Many BSS students have attended the Camp over the years. Some have gone into the Natural Resource Science Program at TRU while others have continued in different directions of education. This year, Don Bowser, Aboriginal Education Worker for BSS taught one of the lessons. Don and Leon Eustache, from Chu Chua taught a lesson on First Nations Culture. They introduced the students to Lahal which is an Aboriginal stick game, story telling and the meaning of some dances and drumming. Don brought drums for the students so they could have an experience with the rhythm and beat of the Aboriginal heritage and culture. One student said ‘I loved the First Nation stories because it opened my eyes about their culture’. SD #73 offers many opportunities for students out side the regular school classes. The Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp is one such opportunity where the students can explore options for their future education and careers.