Summer Ambassadors visit Barriere in annual tour to promote used oil and antifreeze recycling

"Every Drop Counts" is the message two ambassadors will be delivering to the community

Over 18 million litres of used oil is not recovered by the BC Used Oil program each year. These oils are extremely hazardous to our environment and drinking water; instead of sitting in our landfills, used oil can be recycled into a variety of useful products. This year, the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA) is pleased to announce the launch of the seventh annual Summer Ambassador Program. The tour will see the two ambassadors travel to over 120 municipalities and over 500 recycling facilities throughout BC, spreading the message, “one drop makes a difference”.  Attending community events, speaking to government officials, as well as the public, the team is dedicated to spreading the message and keeping these hazardous materials out of our waterways and landfills..


Tuesday, July 17, 2012.


Return collection facilities in Barriere.


Increase collection rates for used oil and antifreeze products in order to minimize contamination of the environment through education and communication outreach on B.C.’s return collection facilities.


BCUOMA is a not-for-profit organization responsible for the implementation of a province-wide recovery and recycling system for used oil, antifreeze, and their respective filters and containers. BCUOMA is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of recycling these used oil materials. For more information about BCUOMA and a listing of collection facilities across the province, please visit

The ambassadors’ progress can be tracked throughout the summer on their blog at