Take your dog to fitness classes

Exciting exercise program includes your canine buddy and you

North Thompson Star/Journal

Are you bored with your current workout?

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog at home?

Then Paw Inspired Fitness may be for you.

Facilitator Mary MacLennan says this new and exciting exercise program includes your canine buddy and you.

She also notes that this program helps to build relationships with your pet, improve the dog’s social skills and can increase lifespan.

“And it’s fun!” says MacLennan.

She notes that all of the dogs are on leashes throughout each of the six week sessions.

“It is a very safe activity, and as well we will be encouraging people to stay a safe distance from the other dogs,” says the facilitator, “The leash I use is a hands free leash that goes around my waist.  Not only do the dogs and their owners get a work out but the dogs learn socialization skills, something that is very important in a dogs world.

“In the past dogs used to roam around a lot more and as well, in the past dogs were around their owners more so had more opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people.  Now with more restrictions on dogs and people working away from home more dogs are not getting the socializing they need and quite often will bite out of fear.,” said MacLennan.

She notes her program of exercising with your dogs is becoming quite big in the United States.

What do dog/human fitness classes look like?

Paw Inspired Fitness classes and programs will vary in the types of exercises and activities they offer.

Cardio exercises incorporates both the owners and their dogs in physical activity

Includes challenging maneuvers such as weaving through cones and going over small jumps.

Classes combine strength training for people with some basic obedience training for dogs

Some exercises include squats, planks and lunges while the dogs learn to stay in a sit or down position

Even when dogs are not doing physical activity and  are in a sit or stay they are getting mental training, learning socializing skills and bonding with their owner.

MacLennan invites all levels of fitness and says all dog breeds are welcome to come out and give this fun activity a try.  However, she empathizes all dogs must get along with other dogs and people, and a dog evaluation will be at the discretion of the instructor.

MacLennan says  Louise Lodge will also be assisting in instructing the course. Lodge comes with 25 years coaching and physical education experience.

Mary MacLennan is a Certified Dog trainer, NCCP coach and has taken the BCRPA theory fitness course.

The first class begins on Wednesday,  May 24, at 6 p.m.

There will be a registration and free demo night on Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 p.m. at the Barriere Bandshell.

Demo and registration is for the owners. No dogs at the demo please.

For more information call Paw Inspired Fitness (Mary) @ 778-538-2796.