Leslie Stirling (S/J file photo)

Three birdies in Flight 1

Leslie Stirling Golf Report

Why did the lady golfers go out with their purses open? Because they were expecting a change in the weather.

Today is Saturday, June 19. Ladies’ Golf was on Tuesday. I am old and have absolutely no recollection of what the weather was like that day. I do know that for a number of weeks I have been expecting rain and on Tuesday I didn’t get wet.

We have six different schedules (I call them sheets) that we go through and we repeat them three times during the summer. We are now on Sheet #2 for the second time…which is the one with all the long drive prizes and very few putt prizes. The ladies that hit the ball far are happy and those that are good putters not so much. I am neither so it is really irrelevant.

In Flight 1, Kelly McNabney scored a 41 to win low gross and Donna Salle was close behind with a 43 (31) to win low net. In Flight 2, Anita Hill scored 49 to win low gross and Susan Bondar won low net by retro with a score of 51 (34.5). Marie Hakes took low gross in Flight 3 with a score of 50 and Trish Thompson won low net with a score of 53 (33). Two ladies tied for low gross in Flight 4 – Lois McInnis and Betty Foote with scores of 66 each.

Since we give out two gross prizes in Flight 4, we didn’t have to figure out who won by retro which made Debbie and me quite happy because we hate figuring out retros. You should know that by now because I have told you before.

Three ladies in Flight 1 made birdies – Theresa Young, Catharine Phillips and Kelly McNabney. Deb Legaree scored the only Chip In for Flight 2 while Jeannie Webber scored a deuce for Flight 3.

I am leaving out the names of our net/gross and pin sponsors this week because I wanted to highlight our Hole-in-one people. They don’t get mentioned every week but we do appreciate them. Thank you to Barriere Auto Parts, Alpine Meadows Resort and Bob Stirling, a local artist and my favourite person.

Some of the drive pins were long. Some were long drive in 2. Some were KPs and KPs in 2. The winners were Jessica Thompson, Lois McInnis, Theresa Young (twice), Terri Jones, Catharine Phillips, Kelly McNabney (twice), Doreen Landry, Audrey Rilcoe, Wanda Amos, Deb Rainer, Jeannie Webber, and Trish Thompson.

The putting people were Sue Meger, Babes Shanko and Deb Rainer. Susan Bondar had the least putts (14) while Donna Fraser had the most (27). Eleven (let me repeat that – 11) of us drove our balls into the gully on Hole 7 and drained Deb’s bag of prizes. (And yes, I did say ‘us’) She will have to fill up the bag before next week.

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? Thunderwear! Bob Hope said “If I’m on the course and lightning starts, I get inside fast. If God wants to play through, let him.” See you at the course.


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