Time to nominate Barriere’s Citizen of The Year for 2015

Deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, Feb. 1, 2016

February 1, 2016, is the deadline for nominations for this year’s Citizen of the Year.   Now is the time to send in your nomination for the person you think truly makes a difference.

Who works tirelessly for the community?

Who sticks by their convictions and works to improve the quality of life experienced in this area; who shines as an outstanding volunteer with a cheerful personality and the ability to get things done?

This is your chance to submit a nomination and recognize one of the many unsung heroes we have in the community.

We encourage everyone within the Barriere area to take the opportunity to submit your nominee names.

A nomination form can be found inside this issue of the Star/Journal.

Cut it out, fill it in, and drop it off at the Star/Journal office.  You can also fax it to 250-672-0055, or email to news@starjournal.net.

Deadline for nominations is Feb. 1.

All nominee submissions will be voted on by five area organizations and the name of their chosen winner will be published in the Thursday, Feb. 18 issue.

The Citizen of the Year Award is sponsored annually by the North Thompson Star/Journal.

Previous recipients of this award are:

1988 – Geordie & Manne Salle

1989 – Anne Genier

1990 – Fanny Bradford

1991 – Sylvia Chivers

1992 – Bill & Bernie Kershaw

1993 – Harley Wright

1994 – Arlene Powell

1995 – Jack Wilson

1996 – Karl & Debbie Rainer

1997 – Leslie Stirling

1998 – Judy Vosper

1999 – Beverly Murphy

2000 – Donna Kibble

2001 – Jeff Swann

2002 – Kathy Cooper

2003 – Ed & Cheryl Ann Tenzer

2004 – Dick Ross

2005 – Fiona Clare

2006 – Elli Kohnert

2007 – Jane Milburn

2008 – Jill Hayward

2009 – Tina Donald

2010 – Barb & Carman Smith

2011 – Carol Patton

2012 – Keith Moore

2013 – Al Fortin

2014 – Audrey Rilcoe