Tips for staying safe during your outdoor adventures

The key to enjoying your active time outdoors is education

Now that the hot summer weather is improving, British Columbians are eager to get outside and enjoy the mountains, coastline and everything in between.

The key to enjoying outdoor adventures is education and ensuring  those who venture into B.C.’s wilderness know the risks and take necessary precautions to mitigate those risks.

Whether you’re out for a few hours or a few days, here are some tips that can improve your chances of survival outdoors:

1. Take the time to plan your trip in advance:

* Check the weather.

* Tell someone where you’re going.

* Plan your destination, your intended route and an alternate route.

2. Pack the right gear:

* Flashlight and spare batteries.

* Fire-making kit with waterproof matches or lighter and firestarter or candle.

* Signalling device, such as a whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you get lost.

* Extra food and water (one litre per person).

* Extra clothing (rain, wind, water protection).

* Navigational/communication aids, such as maps, compass, GPS, cellular or satellite phones, or handheld radio.

* First aid kit.

* Emergency shelter including an orange tarp or orange garbage bags.

* Pocket knife.

* Sun protection such as glasses, sunscreen and hats.

3. Have the right training:

* Get the skills and knowledge you need before heading out.

* Know how to use your navigational aids and your first aid kit.

* Practise using your firemaking kit, so you’re prepared for all weather conditions.

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