Town entrance triangle may be revamped by District

Town entrance triangle may be revamped by District

The District of Barriere held a Parks Committee meeting on April 2, where they discussed a variety of topics.

Committee members and staff are looking into several options regarding revamping the triangle near the Petro-Can.  One of the possibilities is to use something made from recycled plastics, as the plastic won’t rot.  It was suggested that if the rose bushes are taken out of the triangle, that perhaps they could be moved to just behind the Bandshell, to act as a barrier around the septic field to prevent cars from driving onto the field.

Staff has ordered one sign for Bradford Park, once it has been received, the committee will decide on whether it is large enough and will order the rest of the signs (for the other parks) accordingly.

Committee members requested that staff look into getting prices for installing the curbing and handrails at the Bandshell.

There was some discussion regarding the planter and sign at the main ball diamond.  Members were advised that some bulbs had been planted in the planter in the fall and should be coming up soon.  The committee is looking for a volunteer from the community to step up and ‘adopt’ the planter – to weed it periodically, and to ensure it is watered as necessary and generally taken care of during the summer months.  Anyone interested in doing this is asked to contact the District office at 250-672-9751.

The Bandshell Committee reported to the Parks Committee, that the Fibre Arts group has booked the Bandshell for a ‘Knitting In Public’ event for June 9.

During the ‘Public Enquiries’ portion of the meeting, resident Mr. Bell advised the Committee that there is a pile of dead grass and other rubble on McLean Road backing onto the park and could they arrange to have it either burnt or removed as it presents a fire hazard.  The Committee assured him it would be dealt with appropriately.

The next meeting of the Parks Committee will be on May 7, at 5 p.m.