TV Players present two very entertaining plays to Barriere audiences

Thompson Valley Players group celebrates 20th year with theatre

The cast of ‘At The Border’

The cast of ‘At The Border’

After weeks of practice and rehearsals, Thompson Valley Players wowed the crowds with two awesome one act plays presented May 11 and 12, in the fall fair hall.

The first presentation for each performance was ‘At The Border’, a play by Bob Wilkins, and performed by Barriere’s Red Hot Momma’s.  A light-hearted comedy telling the story of a border crossing between Canada and the U.S., where the border draws a fine line between the two mayor’s offices of a little town called Pettiburg.

The second play, ‘The Babysitter’s Story’,  depicted the shenanigan’s that occur when one sister babysits the neighbour’s kid for the other sister, who wants to go out for the evening.  When a cat burglar drops in, she thinks she’s killed him, and that’s when the fun really started!

This is the TV Players twelfth season who have brought numerous entertaining productions to Barriere.

“In our ever changing world of social media with entertainment and discovery at our fingertips we sometimes get lost in the trending. I believe we can look past all the technology and get back to the basic love of theatre,” says Players president Bev Murphy.  “The wonderment of live theatre is still as impacting today as it was thousands of years ago, we just have to let ourselves go and experience the story through the eyes of the actors and directors. The art of acting and interpretation of someone’s written words has always been remarkably spell binding. May we all remember to keep the love of the arts alive and experience everything live entertainment has to offer!

Both plays proved to be great fun for the audiences, who showed their approval with hearty applause.