Underhill sisters work together to make a difference for others

Two young girls in Barriere have been working very hard lately to help others

Six-year-old Dayna Underhill and her big sister

Six-year-old Dayna Underhill and her big sister

Two young girls in Barriere have been working very hard lately to help others.

Last year both girls spent the whole day with their father, and brother, collecting bottles to raise money for the annual Barriere Bike Rodeo.

Their dad, RCMP Cpl. Darin Underhill, says, “They were out for hours, had a couple of treats along the route and didn’t complain at all.  In all, they raised over $300, which bought a couple of bikes and helmets to give to other children”

Darin says that over the winter both girls have helped him shovel the snow off their driveway, and also helped neighbours and friends as well.

He tells that six-year-old Dayna wanted to go to the neighbours on Valentines Day and give each a Valentine card.  “She thought they needed one too, “its not just for kids”.  Then last week she came to me and wanted to join Earth Rangers to save the Western Screech Owl.  She was so impressed with their presentation at the Barriere Elementary School she wanted to join them and help out.”

Dayna had already drawn a sign and colored it and was hoping she could go around to the neighbours and raise $25, so her dad helped her sign up and join Earth Rangers,  and then they set out with a goal of raising $75.

The pair printed off a sign for the fundraising, and then Dayna’s big sister, Alexandra, offered to take her around and help out.

Darin says his two daughters then set out and worked their way around their neighbourhoods.

The results turned out to be much more than anticipated, with the sisters raising $135 over three hours of door knocking and talking with people on the street.

“I met them part way and warmed them up with some hot chocolate as it was still a little cold that day,” said Darin, “ They were troopers, and carried on until they were too cold to keep going.”

After returning home they totaled up their collections, counting out the change and bills from their very generous neighbours who had supported them in this project to the amount of $135.

“The whole family was very happy for Dayna and proud of her and her sister’s work for others,” said Dad, “She has a great mentor in Alexandra, but she also thinks of these things on her own, genuinely wanting to help other people.

“After we checked with Earth Rangers we found that Dayna would also receive a couple of neat things for reaching her goal,  but she had no idea she was getting anything.”

It’s obvious that everyone can learn from Dayna and her big sister Alexandra; thinking of others and wanting to make a difference in our community and the world.

Dad says, “I am so proud of them both,  especially a six-year-old girl with such a big heart!”