Valley rancher to lead Tod Mountain Heritage Ride

Area cowboy has roots that spread throughout the Heffley and Sun Peaks area

Sun Peaks was, and still is, a working ranch. And Heffley-Louis Creek Road rancher Barrie Brady can tell you all about it. His family was instrumental in setting up the sheep ranching industry in B.C. and his roots spread all around the Sun Peaks and Heffley area.

He’s one of the last remaining salt-of-the-earth cowboys who still calls the valley home and continues to drive cattle onto the slopes of Sun Peaks through the summer.

This month, Brady he will be leading guests on a three hour horseback tour of the three peaks during the Tod Mountain Heritage Ride (July 15). Guests will have the chance to learn local lore while enjoying the amazing scenery on horseback.

This event is part of The Tod Mountain 50th Anniversary Celebration which is continuing throughout the summer.