Water main sparking active discussion

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys - Water main sparking active discussion

A resident has intimated that we should upgrade the whole length of the water main that travels down Barriere Town Road.

They say we would only be doing part of the required work if a portion of the water main is done in conjunction with the sewer lines.

Taken at face value this is a true statement. I would ask though where in heavens we would get the money to do the full upgrade this person proposes?

By the calculations and measurements this person is using, the borrowing the District has asked approval for would cover 20 per cent of the project this person says should be done. That would mean this person is proposing we borrow not $1.2 million, but a total of $6 million and do the complete job. A complete job that would put the full set of tires on the car and not just one, so to speak.

This is an interesting idea but it lacks something, and that is the plan to pay for it. There are a lot of these ideas floating around lately that sound really good and sensible, but have no actual plan that would properly fund them.

It is election time and some will say and promise anything to get elected. Proper, sensible planning for what the actual issues are is not in their game plan.

There is only one taxpayer, and here in Barriere the council is acutely aware of this. They are faced with tough decisions every council meeting.  Some decisions may not be popular with a small group of residents for various reasons. The goal is that what needs to be done for the health and safety of the community is put forth, voted on, and the wishes of the majority respected.

Council members do their level best to represent the residents of Barriere in a fair and unbiased manner. It is never an easy task.

To have one resident that should know better trying to smear the efforts of council is truly sad. It shows a basic lack of knowledge around the job at hand and a total lack of respect for those that step up to the plate to take on the responsibility.

I have faith that going forward council, individually and severally, will turn a deaf ear to this person’s caustic comments and continue to lobby for the best deal Barriere can get no matter what the issue is.

Speaking of voting, the borrowing bylaw has been forced to a referendum. The dates and details of the procedure will be advertised in this paper. I urge residents to contact the District for any information they need.

During the Alternative Approval process there was a group of people giving out information that was less than accurate. This caused some residents to be anxious and upset. This was totally unacceptable and it still baffles me why some thought they had the right to spread misinformation.

The District will be holding information sessions that will cover off any questions and concerns voters may have. Details will be posted on the District website and in this paper. Again I urge residents to come and get the actual facts.

National Volunteer week takes place April 21 to the 27. It is time to recognize those that make the effort to give back in any way they can. For some it is a lifetime commitment, and for others it may only be a few hours each year. No matter what volunteers do, they enrich the lives of those around them and in some cases around the world.

Take the time to explain to your children and other family members how important it is that someone decides to be a volunteer. Programs like 4H, the Scouts and Girl Guides, Cadets and many more youth programs would disappear if no one stepped up to be the leader or helper.

We all know someone that either needs the many community services done by volunteers, or we use them ourselves. No matter what your situation, chances are you can help another to have an easier time of things or lead a richer life because you cared to volunteer to help out. Thanks to all that do.