What to do if you have an unwanted pet

Animal Speak with Lindsay Curry - What to do if you have an unwanted pet



As soon as you know you won’t be able to take care of an animal, whether it’s your own or a stray, give the local branch of the BCSPCA a call (250-376-7722).  There are more animals needing care than we have room for, so there is often a waiting list for surrendering animals, including strays.  Get on the waiting list as soon as you can.

While you’re waiting, try to find a new, responsible home for the animal yourself.  The shelter is really the last resort, meant to be used only after exhausting all other alternatives.  We usually run at or near capacity, and we can only care for a certain amount of animals at any given time without jeopardizing health and welfare.

We know that sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and we can’t keep the animals we’ve committed to having.  But please remember that the shelter has limited resources and limited space, and be patient.  And please be responsible: too many animals in this province are abandoned in fields, in dumpsters, or just on the side of the road. If we don’t have room, please get on the waiting list and keep the animal until we can take them in.

The Kamloops and District Branch takes in over 1,200 unwanted animals every year.  If you haven’t seen our facility, please stop by 1211 – 8th Street the next time you’re in Kamloops.  You’ll see that we don’t have room for them all at once, so please help us out.