What would a fall fair be without a scarecrow contest?

Start getting ready for the 2012 North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo in Barriere

Hmmmm, did you realize that scarecrows are classed as fruits and vegetables at the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo contests?  Yep, there they are, under Section 1 – Fruits and Vegetables, Division G: Scarecrow Contest.  Being that they are under fruits and veggies, it would suggest making them out of the bits of fruits and veggies that aren’t eaten… after all, it would be a pity to use good food for a scarecrow.

The scarecrows must be between four and six feet tall, must be constructed with recycled materials and free standing.

Lets see… corn stalks (after the cobs have been taken off) tied together for the arms, legs and body; the empty shell of a watermelon for the head (you’d just have to be careful when cutting it up to get at the yummy part for eating); now – what to use for eyes, yes, this will take some thought.

Of course, there are lots of recycled materials that can be used, they don’t have to be organic.  Old plastic items, tires, piping, bits of old fencing, whatever you have that’s handy will do.

For more information about the Scarecrow contest, contact convenor Karen Irving at 250-672-0200, pickup a Fall Fair catalogue at area newsstands or the Star/Journal office, or go to www.fallfir-rodeo.com.