What’s new with the Thompson Valley Players?

Thompson Valley Players now looking for those interested in a Christmas performance or a spring play

Beverly Murphy

Beverly Murphy

Beverly Murphy

Thompson Valley Players


The Thompson Valley Players (TVP), after a busy summer sponsoring a very successful summer camp, hosting this years Family Parade and attending Barriere’s first ever “Block Party,” are settling in to the fall and looking forward to some new adventures.

They are now looking for those interested in a Christmas performance or a spring play.

The group has not had a major performance in a few years but continues to do small events and help with sound and stage set-up at many other community events.

In order to continue, we need new actors and technical people to come forward and participate.  We are looking for people of all ages for work in front and behind the scenes, so please contact us and let’s get entertaining!

The Thompson Valley Players have been performing and helping with events in the valley since 1999 and have seen some great actors come and go and know that with new support they can continue to entertain.

If you are interested, please contact the Volunteer Centre at 250-672-0033 for more information.

The Thompson Valley Players were pleased to announce this year’s recipient of “The Rising Star” award to Savanna Watson! This award is presented each year, in fond memory of Huntley Cooper, to a student who has a passion and good work ethic in the field of drama and improvisation.

Huntley was a driving force with the Thompson Valley Players and always supported the youth effort. Huntley truly loved the arts and worked very hard to offer better opportunities in our community, so we are pleased to honor his memory each year.

Savanna started out a very shy student who mainly just watched everyone,  and each year she tried harder to get over her shyness to perform and she really accomplished that this year.  Savanna took the lead and performed with a group of her peers in the TVP summer camp show this year and did an excellent job.

Way to go Savanna we are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you in drama events to come.

We thank everyone for the ongoing support of the Thompson Valley Players and hope to see a few new faces come out and join our efforts!