What’s on at the Bandshell, and who can use it?

By Colleen Hannigan

District of Barriere

Bookings are starting to come in for the first season at the Barriere Bandshell. After the Grand Opening on May 8th, the Christian Life Assembly Church put on a ventriloquist show for the elementary school students, and the Thompson Valley Players (TVP) have had a barbecue rehearsal session.

Coming up there is a theatrical performance planned for Friday, June 17th on Father’s Day weekend.

The North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo 2011 Pageant committee is joining forces with the District of Barriere to host a Canada Day family games and picnic in the Park on Friday July 1st, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

And I hear there is also a movie night planned for August 18th. Watch the nespaper, contact the District office, or go to the District website for more great events coming up this summer.

If you are wondering how to go about booking the bandshell for your special event, here are some of the facts that will help you out.  The Barriere Bandshell has been built as a community facility primarily for use by local performing arts and music organizations and individuals as well as for other special events that will directly benefit the community of Barriere.  It is the District’s objective to operate and maintain this facility cost effectively for the community to use as much as possible for many years to come.

The Barriere Bandshell may be used for events as approved and scheduled through the District office for theatre performances, music performances, awards ceremonies, picnics, weddings, family reunions, or other special events of a public, community nature. If no one is using the bandshell and you want to just come up onto the stage and play the guitar or practice a speech or entertain your friends for an hour, you are welcome to do so.

There is no fee charged to Barriere area based (from McLure to Chu Chua/ Little Fort) user groups or individuals, for not-for-profit events that are free to the general public. However, references, additional supervision or security or other requirements may be imposed to ensure the facility is kept in good condition and those responsible for any damages will be held accountable. Users are expected to clean up the washrooms and collect up any garbage from their event.

Commercial, business or private rental use, that is either profit-based or excludes the general public from any designated area, will be allowed at a rate based on the specific event. Generally, it will follow that the District will be entitled to a negotiated percentage (normally 10 per cent) of the net profit of an event with 50 per cent of that amount set aside for Bandshell maintenance, and the other 50 per cent assigned to a special fund to defray costs of special event guests for District-sponsored community events.

Particularly where fees don’t apply, donations (either cash or in-kind) towards the ongoing maintenance of the Bandshell will be gratefully accepted.

Performances at the bandshell must have a “General Audience” rating. An event may be stopped if the performance becomes “unsavoury” or the situation becomes unacceptable.

No entry fee shall be charged for Bandshell events without prior written authorization.

Passing the hat will be permitted, but restricted to free-will or voluntary contributions within the Bandshell area.

Bandshell events may not bar the general public from attending the event. However, a fee could be charged within designated areas.

There is an exception for noise at the bandshell in the Noise Bylaw for District sanctioned events, but only up to 10pm and not for noise of an extreme or disturbing nature.  Anyone who wants to go later than that has to come to Council for permission in advance of the event.

Groups may operate a concession at events as long as Interior Health regulations are followed. Each group shall provide its own necessary equipment and clean up the area according to park rules. Concessions may be subject to a small fee for participation at an event. This will be negotiated as part of the application process.

A minimum damage deposit of $200 will apply to large events and out-of-area users. Larger events must also procure and show proof of liability insurance for the event.

In the event that lightning, heavy rains, or severe weather warnings are evident, the event will be cancelled. Weather conditions such as heavy rains, can damage equipment or turf permanently. The event may be rescheduled at no additional charge.

These are the basic Barriere Bandshell rules. Please look at the calendar on the District website where you can check availability or just see what’s going on. If you have any questions please just call the District office at 250-672-9751.