Wheelchair accessible wharf at Gorman Lake

Ray Foucault, director for the NTFGC spent two weeks in August creating the new wharf system

(L-r)   Ray  Foucault

(L-r) Ray Foucault

The North Thompson Fish and Game Club (NTFGC) in partnership with the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Job Creation Project, (JCP) have completed a new and improved 158 ft. wheelchair accessible wharf successfully linking the shore to  Gorman Lake (first right off of Westsyde Road and at 11.5 Km).  Like so many of the beautiful and nearby lakes surrounding Barriere,  Gorman has been enjoyed and utilized by fishermen and outdoor recreationalists for years.  Some old pallets used temporarily to access the lake with small boats were unfortunately blocking the progress of trout making spawning impossible in the creek feeding into the lake.  The club identified the issue and moved the current Warf 50 feet away from the creek to allow for the fish to successfully spawn.

The NTFGC currently consists of 100  members.  They are involved in many endeavours including and not limited to: Area improvement projects, gun club shooting range creation, fishing derbies, shooting, bow and arrow, outdoor survival skills, kids camps, family inclusive activities, dinners and camp outs.  The club encourages people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the amazing local outdoor opportunities that lie just outside their doorsteps.

Ray Foucault, (fishing) director for the NTFGC spent two weeks in August with the help of NTFGC president Ben Thiesen and three JCP participants creating the new wharf system.  Ray hopes,  “With everyone coming on board to clean up existing government campsites, which are currently overgrown and inaccessible, and getting involved in respectfully maintaining the sites, that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Like any club, the work they do to improve and promote the areas is labourous and time consuming.  Ray encourages anyone who wishes to join the club or get involved in volunteering, donating funds, time or materials to call Ben Thiessen at 250-672-0156.