Yellowhead 4-H dominates District Speeches

Yellowhead 4-H Cub Report by Lauren Tremblay - District Speeches

Yellowhead 4-H member Lauren Tremblay (left) receives her first place award at the competition.

Yellowhead 4-H member Lauren Tremblay (left) receives her first place award at the competition.

Congratulations to Sara Kate Smith and Lauren Tremblay who both brought back 1st place medals and trophies from the 4H District Speech competition at  Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops on Saturday, March 2.

Jamie Levere and Jessica Sage from Yale County Club were the Emcees; they were prepared and tackled the day with enthusiasm!

The Senior Judges were Mark Haywood-Farmer, Sheila Mackenzie, and Steven Puhallo. Junior Judges were Miranda Dean, Ryan Scorgie, and Ross Spina. These judges were very supportive; they had lot’s to say and took their time to make the day special!

The day started out with some very talented speakers; there were topics such as, “Country Music”,” Family Birth Order Personalities” and “The Value of High School Jobs.”

For lunch, everyone feasted on yummy sandwiches, prepared by Senior Council.

Impromptu Speeches followed lunch. The theme was: “What three items would you bring to a Deserted Island?”  Sara did an outstanding Impromptu Speech, by explaining that you can easily get off the island by bringing a helicopter, helicopter pilot, and fuel!

The cake auction was really fun. The cakes were decorative and very pretty! The money raised went to Junior Council.

Next was the Silver Tray presentation; congratulations to Meghan McGillivray who won this award for Top 4-H Beef member.

The day ended with judge’s comments and the presentation of awards.  Sara Kate Smith who did her speech on “How To Persuade Your Parent” and Lauren Tremblay who spoke about “The B.C. Civil Liberties Association” both came in first.

Congratulations again to these two who did incredible speeches.