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Yellowhead 4-H photographers ‘paint with light’

By Caydence Ewert, Yellowhead 4-H

By Caydence Ewert, Yellowhead 4-H

On Feb. 19, our Yellowhead 4-H Photography Club had an outing at the North Thompson Fall Fair grounds, where we focused on ‘painting with light’.

This was our first outing of the new year and it was nice to see some new faces joining us.

As we settled back into our groove everything went smoothly and we had a lot of fun with swirling the lights around in the dark to make pictures.

Our main focus of the outing was learning shutter speed and ISO. We had to slow our shutter speeds down (which leaves the lens open for longer) in order to create a drag with glowsticks or string lights.

There was a lot of fiddling with our settings to get the right shutter speeds and ISO (makes the picture brighter or darker) but everyone came out with really great photos!

We also tried taking pictures of fireworks near the end of our outing. The weather turned out great too.

As always, we practiced social distancing and wore our masks, so we could make the outing safe for everyone.

At the end of the day, our first outing of the New Year was very fun, informative and productive.