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Editorial Reflections - Choosing the sunny side

Editor Hettie Buck’s Grandma Lillie was a true inspiration and example of living life positively with compassion and humour. (Family photo submitted by Hettie Buck)

You’d think that being in media, communication would always be paramount whether in your personal life, friendships, with family and especially at work.

Work of all types has become so dependent on a wide range of ways to communicate that people are constantly slacking, texting, emailing, and not nearly often enough having a real conversation.

Daily life is speeding by, we can’t get where we are going fast enough and can’t wait to leave once we reach our destination it seems. On to the next better, bigger adventure.

Mom, Eva, used to hold her hand up to her ear and wiggle her fingers and say to us, “Listening, listening!” As though reminding us all to pay attention to what she was saying and why for optimal impact.

Maybe it’s just me, but do you notice a decline in praise, manners, acknowledgement, and even just basic respect? Is there a constant air of judgement, sarcasm, skepticism and outright lack of interest “out there” or am I just imagining that?

Grandma Lillie used to point out that it doesn’t take any more effort or time to be a little kinder, more thoughtful and “walk in the other person’s shoes” because you really never know what they’ve just gone through in their own world. She would say, “Thankfulness grows where thoughtfulness shows” and “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

I try my best to treat others as I want to be treated. It might not always balance out but I really do give it my best. It’s pretty amazing how much a small gesture, word, or taking a few minutes to really listen with your heart can mean to a person. It feels so great to inspire a smile or giggle.

The years are closing in and I just don’t have time or space to carry around the chains of negativity, criticism, hate or anger. Idealistic? Maybe but I’m okay with wearing my heart on my sleeve, not ashamed of shedding an unsolicited tear or being vulnerable without fear of being shredded by someone’s judgement. Who knows, maybe they are just having a tough time, bad day or maybe they simply just need a hug, a little carnation, or a special coffee or juice.

I have the choice. It’s up to me to either embrace the best of, choose the positive path, or be weighed down by the negative. Kind of a no-brainer really.

I choose love. Looking forward to a peace-filled, paying-it-forward week ahead and as Grandma Lillie would say, “Walk on the sunny side and if you can’t find the sun, make it shine on the inside!” No better advice I can think of to be reminded of.

Hope you have a “sunny side” week, too.

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