Fall is the best time for sports fans

We’re right around the corner from the most wonderful time of the year for sports. Gone are the dog days of summer, when all there is to watch is the dog days of the MLB season, or maybe some football training camps. October is without a doubt the best time a year for sports lovers like myself, with all four major leagues running at the same time, there’s definitely something for everyone.

For starters, the NFL and CFL seasons are in full swing. Football in the fall just feels right, and October is a great month for it. Week four through eight will be taking place for the NFL, so lovers of American football should be able to seeing who the real Super Bowl contenders are. If you prefer Canadian football, well, you’re in luck as well. The Grey Cup playoffs are coming up, so every game means something a little bit extra this time of year.

Being from Toronto, of course the Blue Jays are high on my list as well, but the great thing about the Jays is that people from all over the country can appreciate them. What a season it’s been for the blue birds. With the MLB postseason just days away, the Jays sit comfortably in the playoffs, ahead of the Yankees in the wild card. If this young and upstart team gets into the dance, it’ll be more then quite enjoyable for sports fans all across Canada for the next month.

The Toronto Raptors are another national phenomenon that all Canadians can appreciate and enjoy. After a terrible season last year, in which they were displaced to Tampa Bay because of COVID-19, the Raps are back home. It’s a new era for the dinos, as longtime franchise player Kyle Lowry has moved on to Miami, but with a slew of young talent in place, it should be a fun season. The NBA preseason begins on Oct. 4.

Last but not least, the NHL season begins on Oct. 12, so get ready hockey fans. This year will be a return to the old league format, so we won’t have to watch all the Canadian teams play each other 1,000 times again. It’s bound to be an interesting year for a Canucks squad that isn’t getting a ton of attention in the western conference despite a lot of young talent. Then, there’s my home team Toronto Maple Leafs. This season is huge for the Leafs, as another playoff failure would surely prompt a lot of roster change.

No matter where your allegiances lie, the month of October will have no shortages of sporting entertainment.