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Amanda Sabyan

Candidate for District of Barriere council
Amanda Sabyan is a candidate for District of Barriere council. (Submitted photo)

My name is Amanda Sabyan and I am an incumbent councilor for District of Barriere – three terms on council, 11 years total. I have knowledge and experience with the district. I have a great understanding of what being on council means. I want to keep the yearly and quarterly costs at a minimum. I have spent my 35 years in Barriere and look to many more. I want the community to grow within reason, I don’t want to expand beyond our means. However, growth does offset tax increases.

Barriere’s main issue is housing. The last four years, it was on the front burner of our council and I hope that it will continue to be, as it is an ongoing dire need.

The best way to tackle problems when funds are not available is to have shelf-ready projects ready to submit for grants. Another option is to partner with other individuals, neighboring communities or stakeholders.

I wouldn’t say that the Interior is being ignored as much as resources are stretched and they are going where the government’s priority is.

The steps to help replace the BC Ambulance Service, if they are unable to provide the services needed, is to partner with our great, already established First Responders and get them the ability to transport patients to save lives as opposed to watch them fade away. It will be a financial increase, as they are currently not being funded by the district but a key service the community needs. Also push back against the provincial and federal governments to ease some of the costs.

Another important thing that’s being discussed with MOTI and others is to make sure there is accessibility for vehicles at all times.


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