District of Barriere CAO Hannigan reports to council

District of Barriere CAO Hannigan reports to council

The regular council meeting of the District of Barriere held on Monday, Nov. 20, received the following report from CAO Colleen Hannigan.

Barriere Strategic Priorities Water Supply and Distribution Improvements Update:

A thorough walk about inspection took place with District Staff and TRUE Consulting on Thursday, Nov. 16. A list of deficiencies on the various portions of the project were noted by TRUE and a list will be finalized and presented to the contractors in the next week.

Central Interior Pumps have donated the lock blocks that were piled in the park from along Barriere Town Road to the District in return for a donation receipt. At the writing of this report they were in the process of installing the pumps in both the wells. That work should be completed early this week. Electrical work at both the reservoir and the Bradford pump house is underway and once the panels are installed then BC Hydro will complete its final connection from the street.

Wellhead Protection Committee:

The first Committee meeting was held Nov. 13. Councillor Stamer was elected Chair and Councillor Paula is Vice Chair. A number of action items have been identified including an update of the zone of influence that includes our newest wells, identification of potential contaminant sources in that zone based on land uses and well tables and methods for dealing with those should they be found. The next meeting is scheduled for early January.

National Energy Board:

Engagement specialists from the National Energy Board Vancouver Regional Office met with the District earlier this month to talk about their role in general and also more specifically the process they are involved in with Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

Destination BC (DBC) Development Planning Session:

On Nov. 16, a planning team from DBC met with members of the Lower North Thompson Tourism Society at the Station House Restaurant for a three hour planning session to kick off the creation of strategic plans for tourism development for the lnterlakes Destination, one of 20 planning areas in B.C. The program goals are to: make B.C. the most highly recommended destination in North America; Improve return-on-investment for government and private sector investments in tourism and to elevate B.C.’s ability to compete.

Leonie Lake:

The majority of the sill on the spillway at Leonie Lake Dam has been cut down the required amount as detailed in the Watson Dam report. The Ministry of Environment dam inspector attended the site with staff and was pleased with the state of the dam. The lake has recovered from the dry summer and is at a good level in preparation for winter and spring freshet.

2008 F550 Refurbished:

This truck is back on route after a $7,721 refurbishment which included sandblasting, pressure washing, hole repairs, repainting and new reflective tape as well as a new to us drivers seat.

Bear Radio Building:

A tarp is presently covering the roof at the radio station as the successful contractor will be reroofing shortly for a price of $3,288. The 15 year material and labour warranty roof will include 1/2” fanfold insulation, 60 mil pvc membrane, all roofjacks and vents, new prepainted metal cap flashing, and removal and disposal of any debris.


District of Barriere CAO Hannigan reports to council