Chivalry was on the menu

To the editor;

Here’s something refreshing, a scene sadly lost to time.

What did I see the other day?

While dining out with my wife, I noticed another couple take a nearby table.

Here’s where it got noteworthy.

The older gentlemen approached first and pulled out a chair for his wife, who took a seat.

That was nice, but it gets better.

At the end of their dinner, he again went to her seat and lifted her coat from the back of the chair as she stood up.

But he wasn’t finished.

After she stood up, he held her coat with one arm extended so she could comfortably slip into it. Nice.

He then pushed the chair back in the table and they left.

He was the perfect gentlemen.

When was the last time we have seen younger couples go through this process?

It seems like a lost art, but we did have a great meal out and enjoyed this friendly reminder of what used to be more commonplace in a time gone by.

Les Evens

Kamloops, B.C.