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Don’t sue just retire

To the Editor;

From the person who was a gift for letter writers, ex-president Trump, with what seems to be a desperate attempt to get back into the public eye and screen, and a lot of lawsuits. Maybe he is suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome – people are forgetting him or just ignoring him.

This hasn’t really been a good week for ex-presidents with Haiti’s ex-President Moise assassinated and South Africa’s ex-president Jacob Zuma heading for jail. Three strikes and you’re gone?

Suing some of the biggest international companies (Facebook, Twitter and Google) is difficult especially when your favorite lawyer Rudy Giuliani isn’t able to practice at the moment, and many of your other lawyers are probably busy with your corporate concerns. It might not be best to take this approach, maybe give up, accept your loss and move on. You can’t convince those who already don’t believe you, and those that do believe you don’t have any doubts.

Save the massive money that the lawyers will willingly take, donate it to a real charity and move into the ex-Presidents club and write a memoir, factual or most likely fictional, join the talking circuit, you have had plenty of practice, get your library ready, and yes, include a few hundred copies of ‘The art of The Deal’, but get out of politics.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia



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